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The Osbournes Sued Again

The Osbournes are being for the second time in as many weeks over their hit MTV reality show.

MTV and the music network's owner, Viacom, also are named in the breach-of-contract suit filed yesterday (August 6) in Los Angeles Superior Court by entertainment network Threshold.tv (formerly Threshold.com), reports Hollywood Reporter.

The suit claims the show violates "an intellectual property rights agreement" struck between them and the Osbournes' company Monowise. Asking for undisclosed damages, the company wants to be declared owner of the series and any spin-offs.

Trent Reznor Speaks About Tapeworm Project

Tapeworm, the much-anticipated side project of Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor and Tool/A Perfect Circle singer Maynard James Keenan, are completing work on an album's worth of material "that started as one idea and have mutated and grown into another altogether," Reznor said in a statement issued to MTV News. "Musically, the results are becoming much more song-oriented than I would have thought."
"It has been an interesting experiment for Maynard and I to peek around in each other's heads, shining flashlights in some shadowy corners," Trent said. "We've realized we're each in somewhat similar places in our respective lives and outlook, so it's been great to collaborate on that level."

In the works for several years, Tapeworm also include in their ranks Nine Inch Nails guitarist Danny Lohner and 12 Rounds bassist/drummer/keyboardist Atticus Ross. While ex-NIN keyboardist/programmer Charles Clouser has worked with Tapeworm in the past, he's no longer involved.

"Tapeworm provides me the opportunity to work with some people I respect immensely in a democratic environment," Reznor said.

Up until now, Tapeworm has essentially been a collaborative studio project centered at Reznor's New Orleans studio, where Keenan recorded the vocal track for the song "Vacant" in 1999. The music for "Vacant" was written by Lohner and rearranged by Clouser, with lyrics and melody by Keenan and chorus and backing vocals by Reznor.

No further information is currently available about Tapeworm's recording or touring activities, but a debut album is still expected to surface through Nothing Records at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Producer Gary Binkow also filed an action against The Osbournes, claiming they stole his idea for the show.

Korn Post Unreleased Track Online

An unreleased KORN track, entitled "Love On The Cocks", has been posted online at this location.
Korn Post Unreleased Track Online

Corey Taylor Admits to Being "Burned Out" by Slipknot

Corey Taylor has admitted to Rolling Stone magazine that has was "really getting burnt out" with what he was doing with Slipknot prior to the band's decision to embark on a lengthy hiatus to allow the individual members to pursue side projects. "I needed to get back to where I came from � melodic singing, more stripped-down kind of music � and this was the perfect time to do it."

"Me and Josh have known each other since we were sixteen and we've been writing stuff on four-track for years," Taylor told the magazine. "I had just got back from Japan, and he came over with the blueprints of what basically became 'Get Inside'. We just started writing stuff and it started to happen. We ended up writing fourteen songs and going into the studio and doing demos and basically looking at each other and saying, 'Man! You know what? I think we're going to have to put a real band together, because this is just too serious!'"

Among the tracks that are set to appear on the CD is a reworked version of "Bother", which recently appeared on the Spider-Man soundtrack under Taylor's name and has since been picked up as an alt-rock radio staple.

Said Corey: "I've been writing stuff like that for years. I just haven't shown the world. This was about branching out and doing a whole different type of music. If I had to go right into another SLIPKNOT album, I wouldn't have been happy. I wouldn't have been able to put my whole heart and soul into it, and it would have sucked. So this was basically me showing the world I can do more than just fucking scream and punch myself in the head."

No New Deftones Until at Least 2003

Apparently the new Deftones album, 'Lovers', will not be issued this year.

Sources close to the band say the album, which was meant to hit stores by the end of this year, will not see the light of day until the first quarter of 2003
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