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A Perfect Collaboration
A Perfect Circle have been busy working on new material as of late and are now expecting a spring 2003 release through Virgin for their next offering. Aside from the bands guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen currently handling the live guitar duties for the Queens Of The Stone Age, bassist Paz Lenchantin has been involved in a new project with former Smashing Pumpkins vocalist Billy Corgan, while frontman Maynard James Keenan has also been moonlighting aside from his obvious duties with Tool by lending his vocal talents to the upcoming Tapeworm project. For more information on Tapeworm and some thoughts from Trent Reznor on working with Keenan, check here.

DRAGging On
DRAG, the new group composed of Vision Of Disorder guitarist Matt Baumbach, bassist Brian Mayer and drummer Marc Levy, have now completed writing around 30 songs together and are hoping to find a new vocalist soon. The group had originally been fronted by Vision Of Disorder singer Tim Williams, though he has since left the fold and as such the band have been searching for a new frontman. Those interested in filling the position can contact the group at

Single Medication
downthesun shot the video for their first single "Medicated" tonight in Los Angeles, CA with the directing team of The Jay And Tony Show (Flaming Lips). The clip is expected to begin airing in early September and will precede the release of the groups forthcoming self-titled Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam debut which will land in stores on October 01st.

The Machine Lives
An October 22nd release date has been set by Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam for Machine Head's forthcoming untitled new live album which was recorded at a performance that took place at the Brixton Academy in London, ENG on December 08th, 2001. The offering is currently being mixed by Colin Richardson (Fear Factory, One Minute Silence) and is planned to shape up as follows:
01 - "Intro"
02 - "Bulldozer"
03 - "The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears"
04 - "Ten Ton Hammer"
05 - "Old"
06 - "Crashing Around You"
07 - "Take My Scars"
08 - "I'm Your God Now"
09 - "White-Knuckle Blackout!"
10 - "From This Day"
11 - "American High"
12 - "Nothing Left"
13 - "Deafening Silence"
14 - "Davidian"
15 - "The Number Of The Beast" (Iron Maiden Cover)
16 - "Territory" (Sepultura Cover)
17 - "Iron Man" (Black Sabbath Cover)
18 - "Sugar" (System Of A Down Cover)
19 - "Supercharger"

The Revolution Is Unreal
Ill Niño will be releasing a CD single for their track "Unreal" in the U.K. on October 07th through Roadrunner. The group also recently shot a video for the song and it is expected to begin airing late this month. Ill Niño are also currently mapping out plans for a U.K. tour this fall, possibly as a part of the upcoming Roadrunner Roadrage 2002 trek.

Too Disturbed
The track listing has been revealed for Disturbed's forthcoming new album "Believe", here's how it shapes up:
01 - "Prayer"
02 - "Liberate"
03 - "Awaken"
04 - "Believe"
05 - "Remember"
06 - "Intoxication"
07 - "Rise"
08 - "Mistress"
09 - "Breathe"
10 - "Bound"
11 - "Devour"
12 - "Darkness"
The album is currently set for a September 17th release date through Reprise/Warner. In other news, the video for the bands first single "Prayer" has been deemed unfit for airing on most video outlets due to its distubring content and as such the band are contemplating shooting a live footage video to replace it, for more information check here.

Brotherly Welcome
Taproot have lined up The Brothers Strause (Linkin Park, Godsmack) to direct the video for their new single "Poem". A shoot for it will be taking place in the Los Angeles, CA area on August 08th-09th. In other news, two more dates for the groups tour with Deadsy and dredg have been announced, they are:
August 31st Cleveland, OH - Peabody's
September 01st Toledo, OH - Hard Hat Cafe
Taproot's new album "Welcome" is due out in stores on October 15th through Velvet Hammer Music/Atlantic and the tentative track listing for it is as follows:
01 - "Mine"
02 - "Poem"
03 - "Everything"
04 - "Art"
05 - "Myself"
06 - "When"
07 - "Fault"
08 - "Sumtimes"
09 - "Breathe"
10 - "Like"
11 - "Dreams"
12 - "Time"

Alone I Direct
Korn have chosen "Alone I Break" as the third single from their current outing "Untouchables". The group have decided to launch a new contest of sorts with MTV where a fan can submit a treatment for the clip and if selected, can even direct it. For more information, check here.
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