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loud > Newsletter > August 06th, 2002

Greetings fearful readers, we haven't addressed the public from our lofty 125
story office complex in quite sometime (mainly as a result of the summer heat
causing us to stick to our fashionably posh leather chairs) but this shall now
change as we are once again providing you with some insight and commentary into
our 80's power broker lifestyle. So here's the beef, all fat and no meat:

First off we would like to thank all of those who donated to site over the past
few months. We received enough money to pay for the last three months hosting
which in turn enabled us to make up some t-shirts which promptly sold out (in
more ways then one). None of the fine garments are left at the moment however
and it is undecided yet if more will be made so you'll have to feign interest
until we make up our minds. Back to the matter at hand though, all contributions
were greatly appreciated and went right back into the site, leading to the next
point at hand.

Some of you may have noticed we have now implemented our own advertising system
on the site. Donations were sadly not a feasible option and in order for the
site to continue to expand and go on spreading all the worst metal you never
wanted to hear, such a change in direction was needed. Of course, despite
bands/record labels/etc. buying ad space you can rest assured that we will still
trash whatever sucks and continue to present new music to you all on our own
terms as we always have (we don't have any corporate hands up our asses pulling
strings yet, but I'm sure at least one of the staff may like that...). It should
also be noted that since we run this ourselves we guarantee you that you won't
be bombarded with pop-ups or lame ads that ask you to buy a special digital
camera in the foreseeable future, at least not unless its a rad spy camera like
the one Bill Cosby used in Leonard 6. As a requisite plug if you're interested
in taking out some advertising on the site, check

Finally though we didn't mention it at the time, early June marked our fourth
year in this wily world of metal websitedom. By now we should have stopped
shitting our diapers and grown up and got real jobs but I guess you can't teach
an old dog new tricks. So thanks to you all who have made the site such a
success and thanks to anyone who hates the site too cause your emails are gear.
So with this we bid you adieu and go back to our Ferrari's, BMW's and mansions
since we are now big shot money making web fruits. We the man now dawg.

President Of Counter Productivity
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