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Marilyn Manson Makes a Cameo in Murderdolls Video

Marilyn Manson makes a guest appearance in "Dead In Hollywood", the first video from Murderdolls.

Murderdolls singer Wednesday 13 talked about the clip. "Actually, our guest star is Marilyn Manson. Manson. You know that guy? Marilyn Manson? Not Charles Manson. And so y'know, he has a role in it, which I can't reveal 'till the video comes out, 'cause it's special."

Jordison says how the singer was recruited for the clip. "I've been friends with Manson since 2000, hung out with him at the Kerrang! Awards in England in 2000. Later that year, he asked me to do a remix for 'The Fight Song', which actually ended up on the 'Fight Song' single and Resident Evil. And then we went on tour on Ozzfest together and y'know, became pretty good friends and you know, came time for us to do this video � actually he was going to sing on couple of songs but that didn't come through because he was finishing up his album. And then came time for the video and he expressed interest in doing that too, so that was cool that it worked out that way."

Dope Guitarist Acey Slade Quits Dope to Join Murderdolls?

Guitarist Acey Slade is strongly rumored to have left Dope in order to officially replace Tripp Eisen (ironically, ex-Dope guitarist) in Murderdolls.

Despite the fact that Eisen's official statement announcing his non-participation in the Murderdolls' current US tour gave no indication that he was permanently leaving the band, Slade allegedly told several people attending Murderdolls' performance at Slim's in San Francisco last night that he had quit Dope in order to officially join the Joey Jordison-led combo.

No further information on the matter is presently available.

Linkin Park Complete 21 Songs for Follow-up Album

Linkin Park have once again opted to utilize the services of producer Don Gilmore (who produced the band's multi-platinum Hybrid Theory release) during the recording sessions for their as-yet-untitled sophomore effort, which is tentatively due in December.

"So I'm sitting in our 'pre-production' studio, and I thought I'd give you a glimpse into our strange-and-often-fun-creative-process," wrote guitarist Brad Delson in the band's online studio journal. "Actually, I was planning on procrastinating writing this until Mike 'suggested' I do it before I leave. You see, I'm a master at putting things off until I absolutely have to do them. This could be anything from paying taxes to doing laundry. What does this have to with the studio? I'm not sure."

Delson added, "I can tell you, however, that things are going really well. We're currently working during the day with our producer on pre-production. This means that we've written a number of songs (roughly 21) and now we're fixing them up and narrowing them down so that we can go into the studio and begin recording. I think one of our biggest challenges is putting aside some of the songs we've written. Since each song has something cool about it, it's hard to let any of them go. Maybe we'll just release a double album...just kidding."

No One Continuing Work on Sophomore Album

Chicago's No One are continuing to demo new material with producer Johnny K. prior to the recording of the band's second album, due in early 2003.

The group's final show before entering the studio to track the new CD will take place on Sunday, September 29th at Oasis 160 in Chicago Heights, Illinois. Also appearing on the bill will be Crash Poet, Red River, Simple Something, and A.D.D.

Spineshank Drummer Posts Update

Spineshank drummer Tommy Decker recently posted the following update on the progress of the songwriting sessions for the band's forthcoming third full-length album, entitled Violent Mood Swings:

"I know its been an EXTREMELY long time since we posted on the status of the new album, and I would like to apologize for keeping you all in the dark. We are ready and eager to record. We have over 20 songs and I think they're the best we've ever written. I don't want to let too many titles leak 'cuz we always end up changing them last minute. We've brought some new elements to the Spineshank sound but it's not a very far departure from The Height Of Callousness. I think the songs are written better and there's more variety from one song to the next. We will probably be planning a small tour right after we're done recording, just to 'knock all the rust off' and try a few new songs live. (it's been WAY too long since we've played!!!) After that we will probably do some shows outside of the U.S. (too early to be sure of where and when yet) and then hit the states for a 'real' tour.

"As far as the record goes, we're still unsure as to how many songs will be on it, somewhere between 12 and 14 though. We still have a few titles that we're considering. I wish I could tell you more but all these little details seem to fall into place at the last minute in the studio (in the wonderfully backward world of Spineshank). My main reason for posting is too let you all know that we will be recording and getting this record out as soon as we can. I hope you all understand why it took so long. We wanted to put out a record that we can be proud of, and that YOU can be proud of. You guys have stuck with us and waited for a long time and the least we can do is give you a record worth the wait. Well I'm out, (got more songs to write) talk to you all soon."

The Osbournes Rated One of TV's 10 Worst Shows

A TV watchdog group denounced "The Osbournes" as one of the ten "worst" shows on cable television in a new report released yesterday, according to Billboard.

MTV programs like "The Osbournes" and "The Real World" comprise half of the Parents Television Council's (PTC) "Worst" list, which is rounded out by offerings on FX, TNN, and Comedy Central.

L. Brent Bozell III, founder and president of the PTC, feels that MTV's plethora of salacious programming targeted at teen viewers can no longer be ignored. "One of the things we're looking at is making a much bigger deal about MTV," he said. "Parents don't watch MTV, and I suspect they don't know what's on it."

Other MTV shows on the PTC's list are "Undressed", "Celebrity Deathmatch" and "The Andy Dick Show". The other spots are filled by FX's "The Shield", which topped the list, TNT's "Witchblade", TNN's "WWE Raw Is War", and two series from Comedy Central: "South Park" and "The Man Show". MTV declined comment on the PTC report until it could be reviewed.

Dave Grohl to Direct Foo Fighters Video

Dave Grohl will direct the first video, "All My Life", from the Foo Fighter's fourth album, 1 X 1 ("One By One"). The clip is scheduled to be filmed in Los Angeles the week of August 12th.

Grohl had previously directed the videos for "Monkey Wrench" and "My Hero", both from 1997's The Colour and the Shape.

1 X 1 is due on October 22nd via RCA Records

Korn Aren't "Mean and Unfriendly People"

Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch may be a hit with the record-buying masses, but he is not particularly popular with his Los Angeles neighbors, as he recently revealed in an interview.

"Where I live in L.A. we rode motorcycles and stuff, and this lady kept calling the sheriff because this one motorcycle was too loud," the guitarist stated. "And then, anyway we ended up talking to her one day and she said that her and her husband, who was an ex-sheriff, too, they were both afraid to come talk to me like a neighbor or a human being. You know? They said they were scared. She said, basically, 'My husband, an ex-sheriff, was scared to come talk to you.'"

According to Welch, a popular misconception about Korn is that the group's members are "mean and unfriendly people, pissed off people just because of the music."
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