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Jul. 31st, 2002 | 11:23 pm
posted by: immorak in loud

Backstreet Will Be Back
It’s time for our semi-annual ‘the Backstreet Boys are not breaking up’ announcement. This time the speculation has arisen due to the upcoming release of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter’s solo album 'Now Or Never,' out Oct. 22. The album will be the first full-scale solo breakout from a Backstreet Boy and it’s got fans in a tizzy. That might have to do with Carter’s remarks to Popcorn magazine earlier this month where he claimed bandmember Brian Littrell accused him of destroying the band by branching out on his own. But Nick has written a column in J14 magazine setting the record straight: "Right now some people are worried that the Backstreet Boys are over, but it’s not true." Nick Carter revealed info on his new sound in J14 Magazine: "I can’t stray too far away from what I’ve done with the Backstreet Boys, so I’ve stuck with that and also added a new element; rock music."
ROCK MUSIC? *cough*

New U2 4 U
Irish rockers U2 are moving quickly on new material. So soon after the song, 'The Hands That Built America,' was recorded for the new Martin Scorcese film, reports are now spreading claiming U2 will have a new single out in September called 'Electric Storm.' According to the U2 fansite, U2achtung.com, both new singles will be featured on the upcoming 'Best Of' album set to hit stores in the fall. Other reports claiming U2 would be holding a huge Times Square concert in New York City have now been denied by the band. The concert was allegedly to be held on September 5 to kick off the NFL season. In other U2 news, singer Bono recently spoke out about U.S. President George W. Bush’s power, saying, "he is held hostage in a lot of ways to his own Cabinet, and then Congress."

Bad Week For Britney
What a week it’s been for Britney Spears. First after being chased by Mexican paparazzi, Britney is caught on camera giving the finger and in turn has to apologize to the whole nation for the action. Then her father Jamie Spears admits to pulling a gun on a group of Britney fans who showed up at the family’s Louisiana home hoping to catch a glimpse of their idol. Now, Mexican papers are reporting their outrage once again. Apparently Britney Spears walked off the stage of her final show in Mexico City only five songs into her set. Spears issued an apology saying she had no choice but to cancel the show because of a storm. Something’s brewing, that’s for sure. Spears' label issued a statement saying she started her performance during a break between two rainstorms, but there was too much risk to continue with the second storm coming through.
a washed up, full of sh*t, pop star...

Edgefest II No Go In T.O.
Here’s some sad news for Toronto music fans. The Monday, September 2nd date for Edgefest II at Toronto’s Molson Amphitheatre has been cancelled due to scheduling difficulties. All tickets will be refunded at point of purchase. The show was to feature Jimmy Eat World, Gob, The Constantines, Hot Hot Heat and more.

Fallon Bowman Returns
Fans of Fallon Bowman have been missing her since she left Kittie last year for unspecified reasons. Now East Coast Canadians will get a chance to catch the London Ontario rocker on stage with Tuuli this August according to chartattack.com. Fallon is subbing in for Tuuli guitarist Dawn Mandarino who is nursing a broken finger. After the tour, the x-Kittie star will begin recording her solo album under the name Amphibious Assault. Fallon recently described the project to MetalUK.com saying, "I think it will be dark. It has a very sinister feel to it. I’ll have to listen to the whole thing when it’s all done and decide though."
Could be cool? I guess we will find out.

The End.

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