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The New Music - Korn


Alright let's talk about Korn... well not really... I mean, let's talk about Jonathan Davis. (The frontman for Bakersfield California's most famous band).

Korn are successful, accomplished experienced, but those things alone don't separate a band from the current crop of mettalions who love hip hop. Jonathan's inner turmoil does separate them. Perhaps the fact that Bakersfield sits just west of Death Valley can explain what's going on inside Jonathan's head. You see, I'm the first one to dismiss faux drama in a rock n roller. Nothing is more irritating then watching a bunch of whining artists pretend they've got a dark side... it's Jonathan's legitimate darkness that makes the band interesting.

I have interviewed Korn several times throughout my career and it's always an adventure. Munky, Head, and David are good guys, they have a genuine decency that make them cool to talk to. Fieldy is a strong character and has his own thing going on. Having a chance to talk to Davis on his own led to some interesting revelations. I hope you get to see it.

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