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This week on Loud, George has a few new videos for us, including a one from Soulfly and one from Motorhead.
We also check out an interview with Jerry Cantrell from this year's Edgefest.
Please note immorak does not come up with this stuff.
I also noticed that they did not use proper English on the Loud site and they got Saturdays date wrong... AGAIN!

Playlist for Saturday, July 10 13:
Soulfly: 'Seek N' Strike' --------> NEW!
Jerry Cantrell: 'Anger Rising'
Sevendust: 'Live Again'
Medication: 'Inside'
Coal Chamber: 'Fiend'
Tool: 'Parabola'
Kittie: 'Brackish'
Sacrifice: 'Re-Animation'
Motorhead: 'Brave New World' --------> NEW!

* Playlist subject to change

Please Note: On Much Music they have started calling Saturday's 'Saturday night's with George!' because a new show called The Punk Show will be airing this week (every week) 30 mins before LOUD!
The Much Music site is also getting a make over so i hear. blocks image linking so if i would have posted the LOUD picture that i always use you would have seen this:

(It blocks the images most of the time if you can see the loud symbal)

For more info on the LOUD show please visit
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