kevin (blueskin) wrote in loud,

Amen related news as well as manson and QOTSA

Queens Of The Stone Age frontman/guitarist Josh Homme recently commented to Radio 1 on what to expect from The Headband, a new side project of his which also features Q.O.T.S.A. bassist Nick Oliveri, members of Amen and former Marilyn Manson bassist Twiggy Ramirez; Here's what he had to say:
We thought that we do a lot of melodic stuff, but we come from heavy punk rock background and so does Casey. We all thought it would be great to have a project that unleashes aggressiveness. That's the Head Band. It's sort of like the pissed off version of all our bands. In Amens' case they are already a little bit angry."
The group have already begun work in the studio for their debut effort and are tentatively eyeing a fall/winter release through Rekords Rekords.

This project sounds pretty cool. I cant wait to hear it. Would be nice if they toured.

The other Amen-related news, which I dont consider good. And I hope it doesnt mean anything as far as Amen is concerned?

Shannon Larkin is filling Tony Stewart's shoes in Godsmack. They are not saying whether it is permanent or temporarily. I am hoping for the latter. Amen is a much better band than Godsmack. And that is an understatement!!
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