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Jerry Cantrell VS Sevendust
Jerry Cantrell and Sevendust exchanged insults from the stage during the two groups' respective appearances at yesterday's Edgefest in Barrie, Ontario after numerous technical difficulties during Cantrell's set led to an abbreviated performance from the guitarist.
The problems reportedly began when a planned 3:20 PM set by Sevendust was postponed due to a problem with the band crossing Canada's border. As a result, Jerry Cantrell was asked to swap spots with the metal quintet, a seemingly simple flip-flop which ended up creating a rift between the two acts during the unfortunate chain of events that followed.
After experiencing a series of frustrating mishaps during the early portion of his set, Cantrell ended his performance with his current single "Anger Rising", but not before he threw his guitar to the ground and left the crowd with a disparaging remark toward Sevendust.
According to, Cantrell omitted the "dust" in Sevendust and substituted a four-letter obscenity in letting the crowd know who was up next.
Sevendust frontman Lajon Witherspoon, for his part, wasted no time in expressing his animosity towards Cantrell during the group's Edgefest set, proclaiming "When Jerry Cantrell says 'Fuck Sevendust, I say, 'Fuck you, Jerry Cantrell.' " He then reiterated the message by saying, "I hope you heard me, Jerry Cantrell."

RATM and Cornell Project to Resurrect
Reported, ex-Soundgarden Chris Cornell and ex-members of Rage Against the Machine have been talking again about a possible project. The group had previously worked together in the Ozzfest-bound Civilian project. They're now reportedly seeking third-party management.

Incubus Are You In? Video Banned in U.S.
Damn those TV censors. Incubus' new video for Are You In? might just be prohibited from the airwaves in the U.S. due to some sexual content. However, TV viewers in Europe should see it without any trouble.

Professional Murder Music part with Geffen Records
Professional Murder Music have parted ways with Geffen Records and are said to now be looking for a new label to release their next album which they are currently writing new material for. In the meantime, the group have the following show lined up:
July 09th West Hollywood, CA - The Roxy (Feat. 16VOLT)

Murderdolls Sets Date on Debut Album
Originally formed as the Rejects over seven years ago, Murderdolls is Jordison and Tripp Eisen (of Static-X) on guitars, Wednesday 13 on vocals, Eric Griffin on bass, and Ben Graves on drums. This motley crew's debut, entitled Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls is set for release on Roadrunner Records on August 20th.
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