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Aug. 16th, 2001 | 10:41 am
posted by: immorak in loud

Smashing Pumpkins will release a 'Greatest Hits' album later this year, alongside a two-CD compilation featuring rarities from the band's recent career.

The tracks for the 'Best Of' are currently being chosen by the band, with an Autumn release scheduled.

The compilation will coincide with the two-CD collection, which will include the 'Greatest Hits' disc and 'Judas O Riley', the follow-up to 1994's B-Sides album 'Pisces Iscariot'.

'Judas O Riley' will comprise music recorded by the band B-Sides and rarities culled from the recordings that resulted in the long-players 'Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness', 'Adore' and 'Machina/the Machines of God'.

The artwork for the compilations will include never before seen photos of the band, with a DVD release documenting the group's videos.

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