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Jun. 27th, 2002 | 09:59 am
posted by: immorak in loud

Megadeth Wants You!
On April 3rd of this year Dave Mustaine of Megadeth officially called an end to the group. But now, some old and some newer Megadeth members have joined forces to form a new band and they may want you to be their singer. The band is set to include bassist Dave Ellefson, drummer Jimmy De Grasso, guitarist Al Pitrelli and longtime guitarist Marty Friedman who left the band in 2000. What’s left? A singer, and if you’re interested and want to audition contact: Entertainment Services Ltd. Main Street Plaza 1000, Suite 303, Voorhees, NJ, 08043. At this point the band still don’t have a name.

Kelly Osbourne Makes Daddy Proud
Ozzy offspring, Kelly Osbourne is getting a chance to release an album. With her song, 'Papa Don’t Preach', already on the charts, a full album didn’t seem far behind anyway. Kelly is set to begin recording her debut album next month, and is currently working with writer Rick Wake. Wake has worked in the past with Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez, but Kelly says her music will be "nothing like" the other girls’. Kelly will also be helping to sell Candie soon, as she has just signed on as the next spokesperson for the shoe company, Candie’s.

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