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Our Ozzfest coverage continues! Part two includes interviews with Taproot, Drowning Pool, Nonpoint, Union Underground and Spineshank.
Playlist for Saturday, August 18:

Marilyn Manson: "Disposable Teens"
Taproot: "Again & Again"
Drowning Pool: "Bodies"
Nonpoint: "What a Day"
Union Underground: "Turn Me On Mr. Deadman"
Slipknot: "Wait and Bleed"
Spineshank: "New Disease"
Amen: "The Price of Reality"
Ozzy Osbourne: "Bark at the Moon"
Black Sabbath: "Iron Man"

* Playlist subject to change without notice

This is not too bad of a Loud playlist...
Marilyn Manson's 'Disposable Teens' is getting very old.. the video is kinda cool but what really is the point of the song? We're all Disposable Teens!!! right... *cough* thats not a shot at getting teen's to pick up the album is it? HA! I would rather they played 'The Fight Song' any day! Has 'The Fight Song' ever been on loud? i don't think so...
Taproot's 'Again & Again' is a really good song and the video mixes with the music well.. is it really a Loud band? thats a whole other thing.. i mean they are heavy.. but i have seen it on regular Much Music so many times that really... there isn't anythign special about it being on Loud...
"LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR" is all you hear on WWF now.. due to the wicked song 'Bodies' by the band Drowning Pool... this song rocks and majorly should be on loud!
Nonpoint's "What a Day"... no comment.. don't remeber ever seeing the video...
Union Underground's "Turn Me On Mr. Deadman"... again i don't think i have ever seen the video...
Slipknot's "Wait and Bleed"... i don't remeber ever seeing this video.. YEAH RIGHT! They have shown this video on Loud about 40 times over the past year.. is it possible to retire a video for Loud? They do it on Combat Zone! STOP PLAYING WAIT AND BLEED ON LOUD!
is the new Slipknot video soon coming out or what!?
"New Disease" by Spineshank is a wicked song and the video goes with it very well.. the video is almost heaver then the song!
Amen's "The Price of Reality" is a wicked song and video.. i think my fav. part of this video is when the fake blood gets dumped on everything.. very wicked...
Ozzy Osbourne's "Bark at the Moon"... i really can't comment.. i have not seen very many ozzy videos..
Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" i think this is black sabbath's one and only video.. its good.. but very old and bad quality.. i like the song.. but doesn't this make two ozzy videos on Loud?
oh well.. enjoy your Loud.. i wish we could buy shirt that said, "Got Loud?" that would be pretty cool... anyway thats your 'immorak's loud review' for this week..

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