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LINKIN PARK's CHESTER BENNINGTON: New Stuff Has PANTERA-Esque Riffs - June 21, 2002

LINKIN PARK vocalist Chester Bennington recently spoke to Britain's Metal Hammer magazine about the songwriting process for the follow-up to the multi-million selling Hybrid Theory. Here's what he had to say:

"It's progressing well and I'm really happy with it. We have a lot of songs written and there are a lot of dope beats and cool loops going on. We've got some sick, sick heavy guitars. There's just some great music on there. The stuff I've worked on so far is really easy for me to sing over. It's really easy for me to come up with vocal melodies. And that's the key for me, the ability to come up with good melodies. The only real difference is the guitars are that little bit heavier.

"In my opinion there's some pretty PANTERA-esque guitar riffs, but at the same time it's not super heavy. It's really tastefully done. I think the beats are really awesome. On Hybrid Theory they're really cool, but the beats on this album are a lot more original and have a lot more character and really hit hard. The only way to describe the whole thing is that it's a little bit harder and a little bit softer at the same time. We feel a little bit more comfortable and a little bit more mature."

Did that last part make any logic?
It sounded like the new album is going to be like the last one... but not.

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