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TRUSTcompany news...

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Jun. 20th, 2002 | 02:53 pm
mood: tiredtired
music: 12 Stones - Open Your Eyes
posted by: askani in loud

TRUSTcompany's debut album entitled "The Lonely Position Of Neutral" has been
pushed back to a July 23rd release date...Mark your calendars.

Alot of stuff is happening over at MTV as well:

First off, MTV is sponsoring a TRUSTCompany "Fly Away Contest." They will be
sending one lucky winner to Chicago and another to San Francisco to catch the
band live. Enter the sweepstakes now, and you could be hopping on a jet before
you know it. Click below for more info.

Lets also keep the heat on at the MTV.com TRL voting page
http://www.mtv.com/onair/trl/votevideo.jhtml and continue to request "Downfall"
on our local radio stations.

Don't miss an MTV2 news piece featuring an introduction to TRUSTcompany today,
6/20 - 2:15am, 5:15am, 6:15am, 11:15pm & 6:15pm.

Check the tourdates section of the StreetWise webzine for a complete
TRUSTcompany, Warped Tour itinerary.

StreetWise Concepts & Culture 2002
"Bringing You The Sickest New Shit First"

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