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A power failure ended a Britney Spears concert after two songs Friday night.

Spears used pyrotechnic effects and explosions while performing "Oops...I Did It Again" and "(You Drive Me) Crazy." Arena power and lighting worked after the failure, but Spears' stage shows require additional power.

A member of Spears' management appeared on stage with the entertainer and told the crowd the concert was canceled because of safety concerns.

"I'm just so sorry," Spears told the crowd at a Texas Tech arena, before being met with boos. "Please don't boo," she said, then walked off the stage.

Spears' tour began May 24 in Las Vegas and ends July 22 in Dallas.


Janet Stalker Wants $20M

The alleged stalker of Janet Jackson is turning the tables. According to allstar.com, Eric Leon Christian, who was accused of stalking Janet in 1997, recently launched a lawsuit against the singer for $20 million. The L.A. Superior Court suit claims Janet�s filing of a restraining order against the alleged stalker defamed the man and caused �severe mental and emotional stress� by being widely publicized. The suit claims because the alleged stalker was from Maryland and not L.A.,(the city where the injunction was filed), it was filed illegally. Jackson acquired a restraining order against Christian after he apparently called her almost 100 times and threatened her.

WTF?! That's just so wrong.. a stalker suing the "stalk-ee"... damn! ...

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