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I have created a Loud_community on audiogalaxy.
I hope that anyone with audiogalaxy would join so that we could send mp3's back and forth.
audiogalaxy Loud_community:
If you do not have audiogalaxy and would like to download it and join the Loud_community go to for more info.

For more info on audiogalaxy groups:

Send Songs To Your Friends
Being in the same group allows you to send a song to another user. Groups are basically trust relationships. When you join a group, you are giving permission to everyone else in that group to put songs into your Satellite queue to be downloaded to your hard drive.

Private Chat
Each group has it's own message board which only group members can see. This board works differently from the other message boards on Audiogalaxy: any messages posted here are sent to all online group members as notes. Everyone in the group will see your message, even if they are not looking at the group page.

How Do I Join a Group?
Joining a group is a two step process: first you must ask to join, then a group operator must accept you. When you ask to join, a message is sent to the operator of the group. When the operator recieves this message and chooses whether or not to accept you into the group, a message will be sent to you.

How Do I Send A Song?
Once you are a member of a group with other users, you can send them songs from your shared directory using the send button next to each song.


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