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Linkin Park have set the tentative track listing to their forthcoming remix/reinterpretation album "Reanimation", it is as follows:
01 - "Opening"
02 - "Pts.Of.Athrty" (Jay Gordon of Orgy)
03 - "Enth E Nd" (Kutmasta Kurt, Motion Man)
04 - "[Chali]"
05 - "Frgt/10" (Alchemist, Chali 2na of Jurrasic 5)
06 - "P5hng Me A*wy" (Mike Shinoda, Stephen Richards of Taproot)
07 - "Plc.4 Mie Haed" (Amp Live, Zion of Zion I)
08 - "X-ecutioner Style" (X-Ecutioners, Black Thought of The Roots)
09 - "H! Vltg3" (Evidence and DJ Babu of Dilated Peoples, Pharoahe Monch)
10 - "[Riff Raff]"
11 - "Wth>You" (Chairman Hahn, Aceyalone)
12 - "Ntr\Mssion"
13 - "PPr:Kut" (Cheapshot and Jubacca plus Rasco, Planet Asia of Cali Agents)
14 - "Rnw@y" (Backyard Bangers, Phoenix Orion)
15 - "My{Dsmbr" (Mickey P., Kelli Ali)
16 - "[Stef]"
17 - "By_Myslf" (Josh Abraham, Mike Shinoda, Stephen Carpenter of Deftones)
18 - "Kyur4 Th Ich" (Chairman Hahn)
19 - "1stp Klosr" (The Humble Brothers, Jonathan Davis of Korn)
20 - "Krwlng" (Mike Shinoda, Aaron Lewis of Staind)
The album is slated for a July 30th release through Warner while a video for the first single "Pts.Of.Athrty" is expected to begin airing shortly.

Stone Sour, the side project of Slipknot's Corey Taylor and Jim Root, have decided to release their forthcoming Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam debut as a self-titled effort. A September 10th release date has been slated.

Tribute To The Fire Theory
This past Friday nights The Juliana Theory/Glassjaw show at the Marquee Theatre in Jacksonville, FL was cut short when an electrical fire broke out in one of the club's offices as Glassjaw were finishing up their set. Both the groups and their respective crews rushed to evacuate all of their gear and equipment before the fire department came and closed down the show. As a result, The Juliana Theory went on to play an impromptu set at a nearby venue using borrowed equipment for the fans who weren't able to see them prior as a result of the fire.

Get Some More
Snot's forthcoming live album "Snot Alive!" will now see a release on July 30th through Hip-O Records. The effort captures a set which the band performed in Hollywood, CA back in May of 1998 and has since been produced and mixed by former band guitarist Mikey Doling, who is now a member of Soulfly. The tentative track listing for the album is as follows:
01 - "Snot"
02 - "Joy Ride"
03 - "I Jus' Lie"
04 - "Stoopid"
05 - "The Box"
06 - "Snooze Button"
07 - "Absent"
08 - "Deadfall"
09 - "Get Some"
10 - "Tecato"
For now, a sound clip of "I Jus' Lie" from the album is available online at

Running The Rules
The track listing has been set for the upcoming "MTV's Road Rules Don't Make Me Pull This Thing Over: Volume 1" compilation album, it is as follows:
01 - Jimmy Eat World - "Bleed American"
02 - Thursday - "Understanding In A Car Crash"
03 - The Used - "A Box Full Of Sharp Objects"
04 - AFI - "The Nephilim"
05 - The Rise - "The Fallacy Of Retrospective Determinism"
06 - Unwritten Law - "Take Me Away"
07 - Thrice - "See You In The Shallows"
08 - Deftones - "The Boy's Republic"
09 - Sinch - "Something More"
10 - Brand New - "Jude Law And A Semester Abroad"
11 - Dashboard Confessional - "Saints And Sailors"
12 - 36 Crazyfists - "An Agreement Called Forever"
13 - Haste - "Engine"
14 - Hoobastank - "Pieces"
15 - The Juliana Theory - "Bring It Low"
16 - Coheed And Cambria - "33"
17 - New Found Glory - "Something I Call Personality"
18 - Jersey - "All Rise"
19 - Taking Back Sunday - "You Know How I Do"
20 - The Movielife - "Walking On Glass"
21 - The Get Up Kids - "Overdue"
The effort is due out in stores on August 06th through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam.

Eat The Demo
Eat The Day, the new group featuring former Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland, are now planning to spend the next 2 months continuing to demo new material for Interscope. The group have been busy for the past few months writing new songs for their upcoming full-length debut which will likely see a release sometime next year.

Position Of Delay
TRUSTcompany's forthcoming Geffen debut "The Lonely Position Of Neutral" has now been pushed back to a July 23rd release date.

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