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Bucket Truck -- on freakin are the dates yo!

Hey folks,
We are in Edmonton as we speak and are getting ready to play the legendary
stars(formerly Rebar), very exciting. So if your in the area and want to listen
to some loud fast music then come on out..... otherwise stay home and listen to
your Yanni CD's:)

We also have received some funding from videofact to finish a video that we are
putting together ourselves with the help of some very talented folks we know. So
that rocks too....

ok enough is enough here are the dates:
June 15 Edmonton AB @ Stars(aka Rebar)(over 18)
June 17 Edmonton AB @ Filthy McNasty's (over 18)
June 19 Jasper AB @ Athebascin Hotel (over 18)
June 21 Regina SK @ youth Center (all ages)
June 24 Winnipeg MB @ The Pyramid (over 18)
June 25 Thunder Bay ON @ the Apollo (all ages)
June 26 Sault Ste Marie ON @ Foggy Notions (over 18)
June 27 London ON @ the Whippet Lounge(wet/dry)
June 28 Toronto ON @ The 360 (over 18)
June 29 Granby QC @ Le Xanadu (all ages)

July 2 Matt gimps out on off the Record on TSN
July 3 Bathurst NB @ The Deg (all ages)
July 4 St John NB @ The Waterfront Lounge(over 19)
July 5 Moncton NB @ Oxygen Nite Club(over 19)
July 6 Charlottetown PEI @ Melons (over 19)

I think I should mention or send our condolences to another bunch of road
warriors who in the past few days just lost two members of there band in a
tragic accident in the southern States. The bands name is Compromise, we don't
know them personally, they are friends of friends out in Edmonton. This hit us a
little hard because we were already on the road for two days and were begining
our trip. If you get the chance look them up and send them your condolences . It a shitty thing to loose your friends/family
especially unexpected like that..

Thats it for now sorry for the downer folks.

Da Brown

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