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StreetWise -- OTEP'S "Sevas Tra"!


OTEP'S "Sevas Tra" will be landing in stores this coming Tuesday (6/18). We
have a BUNCH of links for you to spread throughout the internet...check it out!

1. These are flyers that you can print and pass out. Print them out and post
them around your town. Record stores, schools, ska8 parks, clothing stores,
library's, etc.



2. Here are links to the three e-card infections:

3. Here are 3 links to streaming audio versions of "Blood Pigs," "My
Confession," and "Possession" for you to pass around the internet:

blood pigs (audio):
56K -
110K -

my confession (audio):
56K -
110K -

possession (audio):
56K -
110K -

4. These last links are to the music videos for "Blood Pigs" & "T.R.I.C."
There is also a link to the OTEP EPK. Check that out and get some REAL insight
into what this band is all about:

blood pigs (video):
56K -
110K -
300K -

documentary (video):
56K -
110K -
300K -

.T.R.I.C. (video):
56K -
110K -
300K -

Don't forget...TUESDAY is the final day of wreckoning, SPREAD THE WURD!!!

StreetWise Concepts & Culture 2002
"Bringing You The Sickest New Shit First"

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