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Right To Murder
The Murderdolls, a group which features members of Slipknot and Static-X among others, are said to have set "Right To Remain Violent" as the tentative title to their forthcoming Roadrunner/Island Def Jam debut. The album is expected out in late August while an mp3 of their track "Dead In Hollywood" is set to be posted on their official website, later tonight.

A Bustle In Your Video
Down have announced on their official website, that they shot a video for their track "Ghosts Along The Mississippi" in Worcester, MA back on May 03rd and that the clip is now completed and will begin airing on video outlets starting next week.

No Tribute To The Road
Glassjaw are apparently facing problems from their former record label Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam in regards to including the song "Convectuoso" on their forthcoming I AM/Warner debut, "Worship And Tribute". The band originally recorded and released an earlier version of the song on a European single for their track "Ry Ry's Song" back when they were on Roadrunner and as such the label have claimed rights to the track, causing problems for the band to be able to include their new version of it on their upcoming effort. As a result of this fiasco, the band have become rather incensed lately and have gone on to verbally lambaste their Roadrunner at their recent live shows. It is presently unknown if the track will make it on the record now or not but it is confirmed that the group do have three b-sides from the recording sessions for their impending outing that they could replace it with if worse comes to worst. The only known track title from the aforementioned cuts is "El Mark". "Worship And Tribute" is currently slated for a July 09th release.

Conceived In September
Living Sacrifice have set a September 24th release through Solid State for their upcoming new album "Conceived In Fire".

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