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Fred just needs to shut up

This is found on Filter's site. If you havent been keeping up on the ongoing Fred Durst vs. Richard Patrick internet battle, check out theprp

An Open Letter to Fred Durst
Dear Fred,
Limp Bizkit and your music astounds me. I've been a Limp Bizkit fan since the day I met you. I kind of live in a vacuum, in my own little Filter world but when I saw you on family values I realized I was looking at a man with a vision and a dream. You have given the world incredible music - and I'm speaking about you, Wes, Sam, Lethal and John - you guys have given the world a wonderful glimpse of youth culture that is comparable to The Who back in the 70s when they infused a generation of legitimate rock. And that's just your music. Your vision as a video director has inspired me to go ahead and co-direct my own videos. As an A&R man, you have picked up bands that are also, and I don't use this word lightly, Awesome. Staind, Puddle of Mudd, etc. So you know I have full and utter respect for you.
Now here's the reason why we've had trouble. You said that the second family values sucked because of whatever reason. I took that personally because I was on tour with you. I said something that was a little cruel, but it was still from my heart. The other thing that bothered me, was that you used the press as a way to vent. My grandfather told me at a young age, think before you speak. Ripping on the guy from Creed, or picking on Alanis Morrisette, isn't doing anybody any good. That type of stuff just makes you look bitter. If you say things and it's published, you should warn me, because I won't respond in a manner such as this. But when I was called an ungrateful sack of shit and that "it should be put in bold letters" that hurt, and that's a hateful thing to say. I understand the lead time with the interview but they still printed it. So being a man, I stood up for myself and I publicly said that you should seek help. I've also seen you say wonderful things about me, which I'm so grateful for, but I think you need to stop using the press as a therapeutical way of dealing with your problems.
I am definitely willing to put this behind us. When I hugged you at Puddle of Mudd, I could feel love from the both of us, and I'd rather feel that than feel hurt. We have a common thread that bonds us, we suffer from LSD: lead singer disease. I'd really love to talk to you; man to man, but more importantly singer to singer
Much Love and Respect,

Richard Patrick

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