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Doomsday Delayed As Powerman 5000 Head Back To Studio...

When faced with the question posed by their upcoming third LP, Anyone For Doomsday?, Powerman 5000's own answer was: not quite yet.

The album, originally due August 28, has been postponed while the band heads back into the studio. The same goes for Powerman 5000's headlining tour with Saliva, Machine Head, Halfcocked and Stereomud, which was supposed to kick off September 6 in Kansas City, Missouri.

PM5K's publicist said the group has decided to finish a few songs that sprouted toward the end of the recording sessions for Doomsday? but fell by the wayside as the band rushed to complete the disc.

"I've learned that I'm the kind of artist who doesn't work well on deadline," frontman Spider said in a statement. "As we were nearing completion of the album in the studio, I was continuing to write songs that I felt belonged on Anyone for Doomsday? At that point, we should've put the brakes on the project, taking the proper time to finish these new songs and record them.

"But because the album was scheduled for release in connection with our fall tour, we felt pressure to deliver Doomsday? on deadline � all of which was causing the band and I great agony. So in the interest of releasing a work that we feel is truly representative of Powerman 5000, we've delayed the release of Doomsday?"

Spider went on to apologize to PM5K's tourmates and fans.

Anyone for Doomsday? is the band's follow-up to 1999's Tonight the Stars Revolt! (see "Powerman 5000: No Crying In The Closet"). Its first single, "Bombshell," is #19 on Radio & Records' Active Rock Chart.

"I want this to be the year of Powerman," Spider said earlier this year. "Whatever that means. ... I just want to go all guns blazing. Every band has its year. I want to make sure that last year wasn't it."
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