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Jun. 4th, 2002 | 06:56 pm
music: eminem - say goodbye to hollywood
posted by: ravenshadow in loud


According to sources close to Joey Jordisons other band the Murderdolls, they will have an in the studio guest appearing on their forthcoming album.

And it is Marilyn Manson who will reportedly record two vocal tracks for the band. Their album, still without a title at this time, is slated for release on the Roadrunner Records label toward the end of August this year


Cold have tentatively titled their forthcoming album Year Of The Spider.

The follow up to the acclaimed 13 Ways To Bleed On Stage will be recorded next month with producer Howard Benson.

Containing thirteen tracks, which include a tribute to Kurt Cobain, the album will include guest appearances from Nonpoint singer Elias Soriano, and Sierra Swan from Dollhead.

Vocalist Scooter Ward described the album as being, "More like a heavy Sade record."

Smooth Operators? Time will reveal all.

Look out for the new album late in October.

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