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Durst at it again...

Filter frontman Richard Patrick has now responded back to Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst's recent derogatory remarks regarding him in a recent issue of Playboy where Durst went onto call Patrick an "ungrateful sack of shit" amongst other things. You can check out Patrick's reply on the official Filter website. Filter's forthcoming new album "The Amalgamut" is currently slated for a July 30th release through Reprise.

The reply from the Filter site:
"Geno and I had a wonderful time in Europe. The journalists are so excited about our record, in fact just about every journalist we've talked too really loves what they're hearing on the water-marked CDs. After I got back from Europe, I've been on a serious regimen of rehearsal and planning for the upcoming tours. We are going to kick the shit out of Locobazooka and have a lot of fun with Sevendust; our good friends. So check out our tour dates and make sure you go to our shows

On another note, it seems Fred Durst and I have a little problem. I'm a little offended about what he said about me in the recent Playboy magazine. Fred I hate to say this, but you need psychiatric help. Everyone that is good, you shit on, you think the world is according to Fred Durst and Fred Durst alone, and that's why Wes (the main musical genius of Limp Bizkit) left you. I thought I made up with you at the Puddle of Mud concert and I thought everything was cool but apparently not. If you email me I would be proud to find doctors that specialize in psychiatric help for you. Mental illness is nothing to be laughed at, and you're obviously suffering from some serious bitterness or clinical depression towards the world. All my best to you because I still love your band and I still love you. I just hope you seek the help that you need.

Richard Patrick"

Its kinda funny because Durst said after Sep.11th how he was going to fix things up and he realized that there are more important things in life. We now see how it was 'cool' to say things like that at the time and that not many people ment what they said.

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