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nu metal vs new school metal

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May. 29th, 2002 | 03:43 pm
mood: apatheticapathetic
music: Godgory-walking from the dead
posted by: machizmo in loud

see I am around old school metal heads all the time and they think anything put out after 95 is nu metal even though some of it is not even..... I have heard all about the agruments over how much nu metal sucks and so forth but when it comes time to listing bands people get quiet because some of the music they may like may actually be considered just that nu metal. I do agree there is alot less original music than their should be but most of this is because a record label flood the market with bands of the same sound after a certain band starts a trend. This happened in the 80's with glam. So it seems nu metal is the lastest to be bashed but what bands are considered nu metal and if they are do they all suck really or is it just cool to say something sucks when it is no longer the cool. As far as korn inventing nu metal I woujld have to disagree I would say Mr Bungle did..... just korn got the credit for it. Also I do not consider nu metal and new school metal the same thing.

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from: ravenshadow
date: May. 29th, 2002 05:48 pm (UTC)

mr bungle sounds nothing like korn, the metal that is could nu-metal to seperate itself from the the 80s & 90s "hair" metal (eg GNR, LA Guns, poison, metallica) i have no idea where the nu-metal term came from and don't care for it much. Todays metal is mainly influenced by faith no more this represented by the fact that alot of people (eg fred durst and coby dick) have been hasselling mike patton to allow a tribute record

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