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May. 29th, 2002 | 11:29 am
posted by: immorak in loud

The Chaos System Pulses Death
System Of A Down, P.O.D., Meshuggah and Pulse Ultra will be playing an Ozzfest off-date show at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland, ME on July 15th. More off dates shows in other states with a similar line-up are tentatively in the works.

Fallon Bows Back In
Former Kittie guitarist Fallon Bowman has been involved with a new project dubbed Amphibious Assault as of late, for more info on it check here.

A Single Plague
Slipknot will be releasing a U.K. single for their track "My Plague (New Abuse Mix)" through Roadrunner on July 08th. The effort shapes up as follows:
01 - "My Plague" (New Abuse Mix)
02 - "The Heretic Anthem" (Live)
03 - "(sic)" (Live)
The disc will also feature the video for the title track while the live material included was captured during a performance that took place at the Hovet in Stockholm, Sweden on January 22nd 2002.

He Said/He Said
In the continuing saga of Limp Bizkit, band frontman Fred Durst has now replied to former guitarist Wes Borland's recent posting regarding Durst's initial statements regarding his hope for Borland to rejoin the group. You can check out what Fred has to say on www.limpbizkit.com. In other Bizkit news, Durst will make a guest appearance on the upcoming solo debut from Rock of Heltah Skeltah which will see a release through DJ Lethal's own Lethal/Geffen label this fall. Entitled "Rockman Uncensored", Durst will appear on the track "Famous".

Suicide List
Suicide Note have set the track listing to their upcoming Ferret Music debut "You're Not Looking So Good...", it is as follows:
01 - "Not In A Million Years"
02 - "Random Hell"
03 - "Black Cat"
04 - "Gag Reflex"
05 - "Guilty Crime"
06 - "Reno And Blood"
07 - "Automatic Death Sentence"
08 - "Amputee Supermodel"
09 - "Come On Fuck Me"
10 - "Segue To The Sun"
The album is currently slated for a June 25th release date.

Primer 2
Primer 55 guitarist Bobby Burns recently posted an update on what the band are up to, it is as follows:
"Greetings all.- Jason and I are hard at work writing the next P55 record.. We hope to start recording the album in the next few months with a release date being eyed for early next year.. with a new rhythm section being added also. so far some of the song titles are: "Make It Right"
"Go Alone"
"The Young And The Dead"
"Never Let You Down"
"At The End Of The Day"
"Nothing Special"
"Fall Away"
"Eye To Eye"
I hope this helps to clear up any of the "break up" rumors that seem to be going around."

A Single Satellite
P.O.D. have lined up the title track from their most recent release "Satellite" as their next single. If the song does well the group will most likely follow it up with "Thinking About Forever".

A New Hazard
Biohazard have parted ways with guitarist Leo Curley and replaced him with Carmine Vincent formerly of Nucleus. No reason has been given for the split as of yet.

Breach Of Bass
Breach Of Trust have now officially begun their search for a new bass player to replace the slot recently vacated by former bassist Zane Kryzanowsky. A detailed rundown on what the band are looking for is available on their official website, www.breachoftrust.com. In other news, the group recently hit the studio to track a cover of the Payola$ "Eyes Of A Stranger" for "Fubar The Movie", the soundtrack for which recently saw a release and is available for preview www.fubarthealbum.com.

Rollin To Memphis
The forthcoming West Memphis Three benefit album being put together by Henry Rollins is now eyeing a November release through an as of yet unannounced label. The effort will feature Rollins' band covering Black Flag songs along with a bevy of notable vocalists including the likes of Corey Taylor of Slipknot and more.

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