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May. 23rd, 2002 | 11:39 am
posted by: immorak in loud

You've begged, you've pleaded, you've literally sent thousands of emails requesting song and video information.
Guess what?
You got it.
Please note immorak does not come up with this stuff.

Playlist for Saturday, May 25:
Hatebreed: 'I Will Be Heard'
Amen: 'Price Of Reality'
Soil: 'Halo'
Meshuggah: 'Transfixion'
Ill Nino: 'What Comes Around'
Kittie: 'What I Always Wanted'
White Zombie: 'The One'
The Black Halos: 'Some Things Never Fall'
Fear Factory: 'Linchpin'
Helmet: 'Biscuits For Smut'
Judas Priest: 'Breaking The Law'

* Playlist subject to change

For more info on the LOUD show please visit muchmusic.com/loud.

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