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Sound Rages For The Civilians
13 songs from the ill-fated Rage Against The Machine/Chris Cornell project recently leaked online in mp3 format. According to sources close to the band, the leaked material stems from a copy of the album that was being worked on last September and as such the bulk of it is incomplete. No track titles were provided with the leak though plans are still being made to release a greatly re-worked version of the material sometime later this year through Epic.
If its leaked who has it? I would like to hear it!

Ahrue Heads Out
Machine Head have parted ways with guitarist Ahrue Luster. A statement regarding the split is available on the bands official website, statement:
After two albums and more than 3 years with the band, guitarist Ahrue Luster and Machine Head have decided to amicably part ways, citing creative differences as the main reason behind the split. For those concerned, the band will still be playing all of their scheduled Summer shows and festivals overseas, and will continue on track until a new guitarist is found. Stay tuned for more details.
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