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(no subject)

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May. 16th, 2002 | 10:18 pm
posted by: subliminalis in loud

The album recorded by ex-Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell and the former members of Rage Against The Machine has leaked to the net. MP3s have begun to show up on various sites around the net. Various sources say the album is either the unmastered full record or demo sessions from last year. Songs from Rage/Cornell started receiving airplay at several U.S. radio stations on Thursday. The album is expected to possibly see release on Epic Records in the Fall, although no information is currently known.

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(no subject)

from: ravenshadow
date: May. 16th, 2002 09:55 pm (UTC)

thats like the 4th time they have been supposed be leaked

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from: subliminalis
date: May. 17th, 2002 10:21 am (UTC)

i know...

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