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Save MTVX!

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May. 16th, 2002 | 09:47 am
posted by: rockitten in loud

MTVX was the only channel to play 24/7 rock videos with no commercials. On May 1st, it was replaced with MTVJams: rap- hip hop- & r n b.

They used to play awesome videos from the past several rock decades. It was not an uncommon thing to see Vision of Disorder, Cold, and Pearl Jam within fifteen minutes.

Please... support rock & sign the petition to bring MTVX back.

There's enough rap on MTV2.



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from: rockitten
date: May. 17th, 2002 03:51 am (UTC)

coz they suck? i dunno, all i know is that i want my mtvx back!!!

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