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May. 15th, 2002 | 10:53 pm
posted by: subliminalis in loud

Closure For Corey
Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor recently completed recording 16 tracks for his upcoming solo project which he now tentatively plans to call Closure. The band also features Slipknot guitarist Jim Root within its ranks along with members of Taylor's former band Stone Sour and more. Mixing and mastering of the album are expected to take place shortly with a release sometime late this year / early next year being eyed. According to Corey the bands sound is "real melodic, it's more hard rock, but it's still heavy, by all means... It's really heavy. But at the same time it's nowhere near as heavy as Slipknot is. This is more of like Metallica meets Alice In Chains. It's really good stuff and I hope people dig it."

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