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System Of A Leak
Rough versions of 15 previously unreleased System Of A Down songs taken from the "Toxicity" recording sessions recently leaked online in mp3 format. The bands management commented on the leak stating that the tracks are unfinished and are missing various parts, plus they are neither mixed nor mastered. Despite rumors to the contrary, management also confirmed that the band have no plans to release the leaked tracks sans a possible b-side or soundtrack inclusion here and there. The songs were said to have originally been leaked from a CD-R handed out by band frontman Serj Tankian after a show however the groups management have stated that aforementioned story is false and that they came from another source. Furthermore, the bulk of the tracks were leaked with incorrect song titles as the correct working titles for some of them include the likes of "K.I.T.T.", "Pictures", "American Dream", "Chick N Stew" and more. At present, the band plan to scrap the bulk of the leaked cuts and will begin writing brand new material for their next release later this year.
We might never get the right song names.. but does it matter?

Let's Get Dirty
The Dirty Americans have launched their brand new official website complete with mp3's of previously unreleased material taken from their recent demo sessions. You can check the site out at The group are currently still hard at work writing new material for their upcoming Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam debut which they expect to begin recording later this year.

Ozzy Rocks Shelves
It appears that the success of the show 'The Osbournes' has secured a book deal for Ozzy. Reuters news network is reporting that the prince of darkness, has signed a book deal worth a reported $3 million. Apparently the deal which was signed last weekend with publisher Simon & Schuster, will be a hard cover memoir that will be based on the lives of Ozzy and his family. And don�t expect to just hear from Ozzy, all the members of the family are getting involved, and telling their own stories about living with the legend. The book is expected to hit store shelves next spring. About the signing of the deal, Simon & Schuster�s group President has said: �Their appeal is multigenerational and covers the entire political and cultural spectrum. We�re bleeping delighted to publish them.�

New Pearl Jam On The Way
Pearl Jam has just finished jamming, and now it�s time to mix. According to the bands official website, material for the next album has been recorded, and the seventh studio album is near. Although details such as the title or release date have not been confirmed, it is reported that the album was co-produced by Vitalogy engineer Adam Kasper. Performing last fall the band played two new songs, �I Am Mine� and �Last Soldier,� which a spokesperson said may or may make the final cut. Pearl Jam is expected to tour, so stay tuned to MuchNews for any details regarding concerts. According to reports Pearl Jam was also preparing an album of rare, previously recorded material for release at the end of this year, but at this point the status of that album remains unknown.

Joey Ramone B-Day Bash
A few weeks back we told you about celebrations that were going to be happening in New York in order to celebrate Joey Ramone�s 51st birthday. Well if you�re not going to be south of the border and you want to celebrate the life of the punk rock legend an event will be taking place right here in Toronto. The event will take place on May 19th at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, featuring 20 local bands including, Big Rude Jake, Blurtonia and Robin Black. All the bands that will participate will cover three Ramones songs each. All money raised from the Toronto and New York shows will go to the Joey Ramone Cure For Lymphoma Fund.

Homer Goes �Tubthumping�
Remember Chumbawamba and their infamous hit, �Tubthumping?� Well, we haven�t heard the last of either. According to, this weekend�s episode of the �Simpsons� will feature Homer singing the song in his own comical way. Although Chumbawamba has denied selling out their hit, (turning down offers from rugby teams, organizations and other recording artists), they said the go ahead given to the Simpsons wasn�t difficult. The group said the song �could have been written precisely for (Homer).� Look for the newest album from the band on June 18.

Linkin Park�s �Reanimation�
The remix version of the smash album �Hybrid Theory� by Linkin Park is set to be titled �Reanimation.� As we previously reported, the album is expected to feature mixes from members of Staind, Orgy, Crystal Method and Dilated Peoples. A Marilyn Manson mix is also expected. The album will be released on Warner and is expected for July 30.

MuDvAyNe Gets Canadian Help
MuDvAyNe fans get ready, a new album isn�t far. The band has been searching for a producer, and has found one in �Canadian-gone-Brit� David Bottrill. Bottrill has worked with a variety of artists including Tool, Silverchair and even Peter Gabriel. Pre-production is currently being finished up by the band in Minneapolis. The expected release date is late 2002.

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