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Taylor Lashes Out
Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor had some fierce words for Mushroomhead in the May 2002 edition of "Rock Sound" magazine. When asked about the band he went on to state:
"Dude, don't even go there. That fucking band, they couldn't be following us any closer if they were in this fucking band. Those motherfuckers encourage their fans to pelt us in Cleveland; The first time we ever played there Paul got hit in the fucking head with a piece of steel the size of my fist. So we went out into the audience and got in a fight and one of our techs went to jail for it! They wanna know why we're pissed at them? Because they started this shit years ago, now they want to lick their wounds and call it all good... Bullshit! That's not the fucking way this band works man. I'll fucking go to fucking Cleveland and grab every fucking one of them by their stupid fucking masks and I will put a knee to their faces until they pass out from loss of blood!"
Taylor also had some less than flattering words about their labelmates Nickelback and their label Roadrunner's support of their latest offering "IOWA", here's what he had to say:
"I'm glad they could use our money to make fucking Nickelback happy, that's a very, very bitter subject for me and if I ever see any of those fuckers its going to be brutal."
He went on to state:
"I'm happy for them but at the same we went out and bust our asses to make what we did. If they're still here in a couple years then hey, good for them, but this band isn't going anywhere and when the record label basically fucks your loyalty in the ass it's really bitter, especially when we went out and fucking bled, sweat and earned every fucking album that we sold. MTV won't fucking touch us, radio barely fucking touches us and here comes those fucking pretty boys... and the lead singer looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo... and what the fuck am I supposed to do? Am I not supposed to feel bitter when I have broken bones and fucking torn corneas, its bullshit and the record label just smiles at you and goes 'yeah , yeah whatever', its fucking not right dude." He continued on by saying:
"Its just the fact we could have used the help. We have fucking fought for everything we have fucking made, when is someone going to help us and when is someone going to step up and fight for us? The record label doesn't do that for us, it'll go to bat for fucking Nickelback but when it comes to us its fucking shutdown, its like what the fuck? I'm fucking proud of what we've done but goddamnit when are we going to get given a hand? I'm so fucking tired of it. God, I sound like a fucking dick today!"
The article also goes on to address Taylor's upcoming side project SuperEgo, the next Slipknot opus and much more.

We're A Happy Tribute
The upcoming Ramones tribute album "We're A Happy Family" is now eyeing an August release through DV8/Columbia. The effort will feature covers of the bands material done by Marilyn Manson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Static-X, Rob Zombie, U2 and more.
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