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Manson�s Case Doubles
A lawsuit has just been brought against Marilyn Manson, while he still waits for an outcome in the criminal trial based on the same incident. The legal troubles are a result of a July 30th incident last year, in which it is alleged that the singer rubbed his crotch on the head of a security guard. The civil lawsuit launched by the security guard, Joshua Keasler, is seeking more than $75,000 US for intentional infliction of emotional distress, gross negligence and wanton misconduct. Keasler�s lawyer has commented on Manson�s actions saying, Because this so-called character called Marilyn Manson has some sort of notoriety, or what he thinks is success, he thinks he can perpetrate these kinds of acts on people.

No Pirates On The Eminem Show
The dangerous rapper Eminem is being very cautious with his new album, The Eminem Show. After the unprecedented protection of the album lead to copies being withheld from the media, Em�s label is considering making the album copy-protected to prevent piracy. The protection technology has never been used on an album of such mass-anticipation, which could lead to problems. On albums that have used the technology in the past, many consumers complained that the CD would not play in computers or car stereos. �The Eminem Show� will tentatively be released on June 4th, and Eminem fans can also expect the release of an Eminem DVD, the same week.

Britney�s Butt
It must be the break up with Justin, because Princess pop tart Britney Spears has apparently taken up smoking. According to THE NEW YORK POST, Spears was snapped partaking in her filthy new habit while out on her hotel balcony in Australia where she is currently on tour. For years, Britney has preached to her fans about the benefits of clean living. no sex before marriage and no smoking. Apparently before the picture was snapped the pop princess noticed the cameraman and tried to dash inside, but it was too late.
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