subliminalis (subliminalis) wrote in loud,

Just some things to keep you updated: the "Parabola" video has been airing on many music video stations, including MuchMusic, M2, and apparently even showed on MTV's TRL. (Hopefully some folks out there got into Tool and out of their lame pop-star dreams.) So keep your VCRs on standby - you never know.

Reviews for the current tour are being posted like mad to the Tour section. I'm not going to spoil it for you if you don't want to know, but the setlists this time around can certainly be described as "awfully tasty."

A bunch of folks have found the listing on showing a Tool concert in Hartford, CT on Friday, December 31, 2038. Ahh, computer glitches. (But if you really think it's true, don't worry - it's only thirty-six years until showtime.) �

Lastly, it has been one week since we learned that Layne Staley died. What can one say? For all of us in the know, it most certainly did rain when we heard. �
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