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Apr. 23rd, 2002 | 09:56 pm
posted by: immorak in loud

Nickelback File Suit
Just two months after members of Nickelback were slapped with a lawsuit claiming they had broken a contract, three members from the band have filed their own lawsuit against their former manager. A writ was filed last week in the B.C. Supreme Court, claiming that Amar II Canada Productions Inc. and Clyde Hill, one of Amar�s principals, are illegally holding the master copy of an album called, �Curb� and that they plan to sell it to a third party. Chad and Michael Kroeger and Ryan Peake from Nickelback allege that they have lost income because the defendants have deprived them of using the album. According to Nickelback�s Canadian label, their most recent album �Silver Side Up� has sold more than six million copies worldwide.

Eminem Pays To Look Tough
Eminem has reportedly just paid �100,000, that�s over $225,000 Canadian, to keep Slim Shady looking real. According to dotmusic.com, next month�s edition of the Face magazine featuring Eminem had the rapper in a pink T-shirt on the front cover. Apparently the original photo had the rapper wearing a red T, but it ended up being digitally altered so as not to clash with the colour scheme of the front cover. Reports say Em bought every copy of the May edition in order to get them all destroyed before hitting newsstands next week. Reprints will now have to be made with a tougher looking Slim on the cover. According to worldpop.com, Eminem took the issue very seriously. He reportedly threatened to never enter the UK again if the copies weren�t destroyed.
He might look gay if he had a pink shirt on?

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