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The Eminem Rock Show
Earlier this week we told you the Backstreet Boys say their next record is going to rock. Now, in a just as unlikely scenario, Eminem claims his upcoming album �The Eminem Show,� is heavily influenced by 70s rockers like Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. �We treated this record like it was a rock record in so far as how it�s produced. It�s, like, loud,� Eminem told The Face Magazine. But hip-hop purists shouldn�t fret. Slim says along with the guitars, there are strictly hip-hop tracks too. He also says the recent drama in his life over the past year has inspired him a lot. �Last year was a really rough year for me,� Eminem told The Face. You know, divorce and trying to raise my little girl. Obstacles are thrown at me - you�ve just got to fall or you don�t fall. And I can�t fall.�
Thats all we need.. is another Limp Bizkit rip off!

Pipi Osbourne Dog Napped!
The Osbourne�s have lost one of their most beloved family members. During a TV interview yesterday, the Osbourne family matriarch, Sharon Osbourne, revealed that Pipi, the black Pomeranian (which actually belongs to their eldest daughter) had been dognapped. �It�s been about a month now,� said Sharon. �We think someone�s taken her.� Pipi is one of several hounds that shares a Beverly Hills mansion with Ozzy and his quirky family where the reality-based program �The Osbournes� is shot. Sharon has said: �We�d give a reward-anything for Pipi.�
Ozzy is in the spotlight big time.. and it sucks for him!
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