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Apr. 11th, 2002 | 03:58 pm
posted by: immorak in loud

'Knot or Not ?
There are a couple of rumours surrounding Slipknot today. According to www.theprp.com the band has left their management company "No Name Management". No Name have been with the Slipknot from the beginning. There are also rumours about the possibility that Slipknot will be breaking up. The story goes that some members want to go back on the road, some want to head back into the studio and others want to work on side projects. Slipknot's latest album Iowa is on it's way to being a platinum record in Canada. In other Slipknot news, frontman Corey Taylor is thrilled about his song �Bother� on the upcoming Spiderman soundtrack. Taylor told Rock Sound Magazine �I've been trying to get on this soundtrack for a year! Anyone who knows me knows I am the biggest Spiderman freak of all time!�
Lets just all be friends and make more music!

Korn To The Rescue
For some, the members of Korn are like heroes already. But later this month, the guys will reach superhero status with a new line of action figure dolls based on each member of the band. This will be toy company, The Stronghold Group's, first series of hip-hop/roto-cast action figures entitled Gruntz. The design of the dolls was influenced by a popular design style that is all the rage in Hong Kong and will retail at around $24.00 Canadian. In other Korn news, the score for the "Queen Of The Damned" film, composed by frontman Jonathan Davis and Oingo Boingo�s Richard Gibbs, will now see a release sometime this summer.
Band yes... dolls? for $24.00 Canadian? WTF?

Pop�s New Couple?
If you thought the Eminem/ Geri Halliwell rumour was weird, check this one out. According to �insiders,� there is a new celebrity power couple who just might be able to fill the Justin/ Britney void. It�s cool Foo Fighters rocker Dave Grohl and pop princess in waiting, Christina Aguilera. The two apparently have been dating since January after Christina split with boyfriend Jorge Santos, according to worldpop.com. A close friend of Christina�s says the two ran into each other at an L.A. hotel and, �an hour later they were in a darkened booth making out like crazy. They have been inseparable ever since.� Perhaps Christina had a sneak peak at the latest issue of Kerrang Magazine. A reader�s poll of the 100 Coolest Stars rated Dave Grohl #3. The late great Kurt Cobain was voted #2 and the #1 spot went to Marilyn Manson.

System Of A Zombie Mix
Rob Zombie has recently been remixed by System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian. Like a musical transformer, three Zombie songs were used by the System frontman to make one super-song. �House of 1000 Corpses�, �Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy)� and �(Go To) California� were compiled for the upcoming �WWF Tough Enough 2� soundtrack. Other artists to be featured on the Interscope album include Limp Bizkit, Cold, Staind and Godsmack, among others. You can pick it up May 14.
That should be interesting!


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