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I was just going to do this as a reply to the last news post, but then I figured that no one would muster up enough motivation to click the comment link, so I'm just posting here.

First, is Seattle the only place who's been hearing Boom for the last couple of weeks? I mean, I know we often get airplay on songs before the rest of the country, but unless it's something special, like the "choose the first Weezer single" thing, I don't think we get it that far in advance. Do you hear it, and where are you if you do?
(as I'm about to hit update, it occurs to me that this may just be a Canadian radio release? Yes? No? Maybe?)

Secondly, am I the only one frustrated with Papa Roach? I thought these were supposed to be all new songs. They were my favorite band... a year and a half ago? two years ago? Whenever the Anger Management tour was happening. And I have Walking Through Barbed Wire, AND She Loves Me Not on mp3, downloaded around that time- studio quality. Infest also had a few repeats from their earlier stuff, which is kind of annoying, but +shrug+ that's in the past.
Well, go look for all these on your d/l client of choice, I'm sure you'll find some on there. If not, at the very least, you can come find me on AIM when I'm on, and I'll send those two over to ya. I can even give you all their horrible early stuff, lol ^_^

Stay Loud
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