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For anyone in Nova Scotia, Canada!

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Apr. 4th, 2002 | 03:56 pm
posted by: immorak in loud

STOLEN - Newsletter for April 3, 2002

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Hey people,

Well we have had a very successful week! We performed at the Molson Rocks Battle of the Bands at NSCC Burridge last week. There were 13 bands in all, and everyone put on a great show! In the end Stolen ended up tying for 4th place. Congrats to the Demons for taking the 1st prize!

The show got us a lot of much-needed publicity. We have been in contact with a lot of different bands, and hopefully will collaborate with them for shows during the summer. Keep in touch you guys!

Our next confirmed show is on May 17 at the Lunenburg Community Centre. This will be a benifit concert for the Lunenburg Anglican Church. The church was burned last Hallowe'en, and is in dire need of repair. Currently, the lineup also includes the bands "By Envy Driven", "Fuchsia Sea" and "Forerunner". This is all for a good cause, so come out and show your support!

That's all for now,

Ryan "Skip" Keizer - Bass Guitar
Trevor "Phatty" Creaser - Lead Guitar
Matthew "Kidson" Kidson - Drums
Aaron "T-Bone" Taylor - Rhythm Guitar
James "Stewey" Stewart - Lead Vocals

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