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Anyone from detroit?

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Apr. 4th, 2002 | 01:58 pm
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posted by: rabidrat in loud


Hello everyone. This is the first mass Email from
Headstatic.All of us in Headstatic would like to ask
all of you for your support.We are just breaking
through the local scene here in Findlay and we are
playing at Harpos in Detroit this Friday april,5th.We
were recently given the opprotunity to open for the
national act, Kittie at Harpos on May 11th. We have to
sell 140 tickets to play that show.We need your
support on this because Detroit is one hell of a
drive.The tickets to the show are 15$. That's not too
bad of a price to see Kittie as well as a few other
bands.We are asking for your support by telling
everyone you know about this show and buy tickets from
us, even if you can't go to the show. If you have
heard Headstatic perform live, you know that we will
catch some attention if we have the opprotunity.Feel
free to Email us back and get in contact with us. The
tickets will soon be available online at our website
in the shows section.All the support is very much

Brandon (Headstatic)

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