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Less Charge
American Head Charge have parted ways with band guitarist Wayne Kile. A statement from Wayne was released on the matter and is as follows:
"Hello everyone in message land this is wayne and I love you all. I haven't had a chance to be online for quite some time but I now have the chance to so I thought I would say with much regret that the band and I have gone our seprate ways as of Yesterday afternoon. I only wanted you to find out first hand so that you wouldn't be led astray by rumor. We seemed to be going slowly in different creative directions and it finally came to a head. I love them all and we have no qualms, but they are going to continue on without me. I wish them the best of luck in all of their future endeavors and be on the look out for me for I am nowhere near finished with making music. feel free to e-mail me personally at with any comments or if you just want to chat. Much love to you all and thank you for all of support given . it is more than appreciated. Love Wayne"
In the meantime, recent rumors suggest Bryan from Minneapolis based band Black Flood Diesel will be his replacement.

Rumblefish have now changed their name to Rumbulfish and are planning to begin recording their upcoming Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam debut in April/May. For now, mp3's of some of the bands demos are available for download on their official website,

Live In The System
System Of A Down have scrapped plans to release a live in Japan DVD and will now instead be releasing two home video releases in the future. The first of which is due out in December and is expected to be comprised mainly of a live performance the band recently shot in Montreal, QC, while the other which is expected out late this year as well, and will be more of a career retrospective of the group. Band drummer John Dolmayan recently commented on what to expect from the live offering, saying:
We are looking at having that out in December of this year. A lot of live footage. Not so much backstage stuff as we just want people to get an impression of what we are like live and this being are first DVD, it will be like our first album in that it will be very raw.

The Big Hed
(hed)p.e. are said to be eyeing "The Big Nothing" as the tentative title to their upcoming new album, which the band is currently finishing up with producer Machine (Pitchshifter, Vision Of Disorder). A late summer/early fall release through Jive is being shot for.

Poynt In Living
Living Sacrifice have lined up producer Barry Poynter (ZAO, Juliana Theory) to helm their upcoming new album, which they will begin recording in April. A summer release through Solid State is being planned.

Weezer have confirmed a May 14th release through Geffen for their upcoming new album "Maladroit". For now, audio streams of the finalized version of the first single "Dope Nose", are available as follows:
Real Format
Windows Media
A video for the track is also in the works and is expected to begin airing shortly.

Hold Lee Down
Tommy Lee recently shot a video for his new single "Hold Me Down" with director Dean Karr (Amen, Deftones. The song comes from Lee's forthcoming new album "Never A Dull Moment", which is due out in stores on May 21st through MCA.

Strung Out On Poison Glass
Poison The Well have confirmed that they will be hitting the road on a co-headlining tour with Glassjaw in May and follow it up with a jaunt alongside Strung Out in June. A full listing of dates for each trek is expected to be announced shortly.

Black Americans
American Head Charge have confirmed that Brian of Black Flood Diesel will be their new guitarist. Band member Aaron Zilch released a statement on the matter, it is as follows:
"Brian is an awesome guitarist, an intense live force, and a strong songwriter. He has been playing out in bands for over 4 yrs when he was a part of A:POD with yours truly. Justin has known him even longer than that. He is one of my best friends and is good friends w/ everyone in the band (he was chads bass tech for over a year and lived in the infamous Pleasant house). He is a part of our family in body and mind and his presence will be an undeniable contribution in takeing Head Charge to the Next Level."
Brian replaces guitarist Wayne Kile, who recently parted ways with the group.

Welcome To The Room
Taproot are tentatively planning to hit the road alongside dredg and another as of yet undecided act for a U.S. tour this June/July. At present, the band are hard at work on their upcoming new album "Welcome", due out in August/September through Velvet Hammer Music/Atlantic.

Inside The Video
Switched will be shooting a video for their latest single "Inside" in Los Angeles, CA with director Gregory Dark (Linkin Park, Drowning Pool) on April 09th-10th. It should begin airing in late April/early May.

Pick A Date
The mixing sessions for Soulfly's upcoming new album, "Soulfly 3" began today (03/29/2002) at the Record Plant in Los Angeles, CA. The effort is being mixed by Terry Date (Deftones, Pantera) and the process is expected to be completed by mid-April. A June 25th release through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam is being planned.

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