December 6th, 2002

  • immorak

Wake up!

Tune in to Much Music USA tonight at 7:30PM EST to see Celebrity
Tastemakers featuring Disturbed.


12/6 @ 7:30pm & 2:30am
12/7 @1:30pm, 6:30pm & 3am
12/8 @11am 9:30pm
12/31 @2:30pm, 7:30pm, 12:30am

The Vote is on!
Starting on Monday 12/9 until Thursday 12/12 the "Brand New Love" video will be
on Much Music's Oven Fresh. We need you, The Legions, to vote for the video on
the Much Music website as many times as possible to make sure it stays on Much
Music. Here is what you need to do:

Go to the Much Music website (into the oven Fresh section of the
website to vote) or just follow this link into it:

The votes are counted as to how many Positive votes vs. Negative votes each
video gets, so it helps if you vote Negatively for the other videos!

The website only allows you to vote ONCE per video. To overcome this, you have
to delete you cookies and then you can vote again, you can do this as many times
as you wish!

Lets make this video #1 and show everyone that NOW is the time for UNDERCORE!
The Legions will overcome all obstacles set in their path, Lets conquer.