November 5th, 2002

  • immorak

Steal This Track Listing
The track listing has been finalized for "Steal This Album", System Of A Down's forthcoming rarities, b-sides and etc. collection, it is as follows:
01 - "Chic 'N' Stu"
02 - "Innervision"
03 - "Bubbles"
04 - "Boom!"
05 - "Nuguns"
06 - "A.D.D. (American Dream Denial)"
07 - "Mr. Jack"
08 - "I-E-A-I-A-I-O"
09 - "36"
10 - "Pictures"
11 - "Highway Song"
12 - "Fuck The System"
13 - "Ego Brain"
14 - "Thetawaves"
15 - "Roulette"
16 - "Streamline"
The album is slated for a November 26th release through American/Columbia.

Living In December
Living Sacrifice have announce the following dates for next month:
December 06th Kansas City, MO - New Earth
December 07th Wichita, KS - Ground Zero
December 21st Tulsa, OK - Curly's
December 31st Arlington, TX - Dreamworld

finger K
finger eleven are currently holed up in a Chicago, IL area studio recording their upcoming new album with producer Johnny K. (Machine Head, Disturbed). A Spring 2003 release through Wind-Up is being planned.

UNKLES Of The Stone Age
Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme is said to be currently working on a guest vocalist contribution to the upcoming new album from UNKLE. Homme is expected to record his part for the project later this year while the album will see a release sometime in 2003.

Headlining Is Next
Chevelle plan to embark on a headlining club tour early next year, dates and venues are expected to be announced shortly.

A New View
Incubus have announced that they have no further plans to tour in support of their latest release "Morning View" and that they will instead be taking some time off for the next few months while they continue to write material for their new album which they plan to begin recording some time early next year.

We're Just Making Up Release Dates
Having already undergone numerous release date changes, the upcoming Rob Zombie produced Ramones tribute album, "We're A Happy Family: A Tribute To The Ramones", is now once again set to see a release on December 24th through DV8/Columbia.

Eight New Developments
Nonpoint have been hard at work writing new material while on the road and are expecting to spend even more time focusing on the new songs over their upcoming winter break. Currently the group have around 8 new songs written and are tentatively planning to hit the studio to begin recording some of the new material in spring 2003. In the meantime, the band will continue to stay out on the road till late this year and are presently mapping out a 6 week headlining tour which will take place early next year.

Every Given Tourdate
Stereomud have decided upon "Every Given Moment" as the title to their upcoming new album which will see a release through Loud/Columbia in February/March 2003. The tentative track listing for the effort is as follows:
"Show Me"
"Define This"
"Control Freak"
"Drop Down"
"Coming Home"
"My Addiction"
In other news, the band have announced the following dates:
November 14th Augusta, GA - CrossRoads
November 15th West Columbia, SC - Uncle Doctor's
November 16th Fayetteville, NC - Jester's
November 17th Knoxville, TN - Blue Cats
November 21st Atlanta, GA - Cotton Club
November 23rd Louisville, KY - Tek World
November 24th Cleveland, OH - Agora Theatre
November 26th Hartford, CT - Webster Theatre (Feat. Closure, Sevendust, Cinder)
November 29th West Palm Beach, FL - Backstage @Coral Sky Amphitheatre (Feat. Closure, Sevendust, Cinder)
November 30th Lake Buena Vista, FL - House of Blues (Feat. Closure, Sevendust, Cinder)
December 03rd Dallas, TX - Canyon Club (Feat. Closure, Sevendust, Cinder)
December 05th Davenport, IA - Col Ballroom (Feat. Closure, Sevendust, Cinder)
December 06th South Bend, IN - Heartland (Feat. Closure, Sevendust, Cinder)
December 08th Louisville, KY - Jillian's (Feat. Closure, Sevendust, Cinder)
December 10th St Louis, MO - The Pageant (Feat. Closure, Sevendust, Cinder)
December 11th Grand Rapids, MI - Orbit Room (Feat. Closure, Sevendust, Cinder)
December 12th Cincinnati, OH - Bogart's (Feat. Closure, Sevendust, Cinder)
December 14th Milwaukee, WI - The Rave (Feat. Closure, Sevendust, Cinder)

System Of A Down have selected "Innervision" as the first single from their upcoming b-sides and rarities compilation, "Steal This Album". The song is slated to land at radio stations on November 05th while the album is due out in stores through American/Columbia on November 26th.

Seven Day
Sevendust have tapped "Xmas Day" as the next single from their latest release "Animosity", the song will land at radio on November 19th.

Faceless God
Godsmack have had a change of plans and are now eyeing "Faceless" as the title to their upcoming new album which they are currently hard at work on in Miami, FL. A March release date through Republic/Universal is being eyed and tentative track titles include:
"Releasing The Demons"
"Straight Out Of Line"
Band frontman Sully Erna recently spoke to Rolling Stone about what to expect from the new album, you can check out what he had to say here.

Year Of The Recording
Cold are nearly done with the recording process for their upcoming new album "Year Of The Spider" and are expected to begin mixing it shortly. Currently a January/February 2003 release through Flip/Geffen is being eyed. In the meantime, you can check out two newly posted songs from the bands previous incarnation, Grundig, over at

Adema have been busy working on new material for their next effort at a Los Angeles, CA area studio as of late. A producer for the album has been decided upon and will be announced shortly, in the meantime the band have written seven songs for the effort so far and known tentative track titles include "Canuck" and "Unstable". A release through Arista next year is expected.

Sturm & Download
The track listing for the upcoming "Sturm & Drang" live album from Kmfdm and Pig has been finalized and shapes up as follows:
01 - "D.I.Y"
02 - "Attak / Reload"
03 - "Dirty"
04 - "Boots"
05 - "Yohoho"
06 - "Find It Fuck It Forget It"
07 - "Sturm And Drag"
08 - "Megalomaniac"
09 - "Flesh"
10 - "Wrath"
11 - "Hot Hole"
12 - "Spit Sperm"
The album is slated for a November 05th release date through Metropolis.

Snake Orgy
Drummer Bobby Hewitt has now decided to leave Orgy in order to join Snake River Conspiracy on a full time basis. A statement from Hewitt on the matter is available at