October 25th, 2002

  • immorak


Never A Dull Label
Tommy Lee has reportedly left MCA Records following the lackluster sales of his most recent solo offering, "Never A Dull Moment".

Guns, God And Leno
Marilyn Manson will be interviewed on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" on Wednesday, October 30th. In other news, a preview of the bands forthcoming DVD/VHS release "Marilyn Manson: Guns, God And Government World Tour" has been posted online here.

The End Of All Track Listings
The track listing for Mudvayne's upcoming new album "The Ends Of All Things To Come" has been finalized and is as follows:
01 - "Silenced"
02 - "Trapped In The Wake Of A Dream"
03 - "Not Falling"
04 - "(Per) Version Of A Truth"
05 - "Mercy, Severity"
06 - "A World So Cold"
07 - "The Patient Mental"
08 - "Skrying"
09 - "Solve Et Coagula"
10 - "Shadow Of A Man"
11 - "12:97:24:99"
12 - "The End Of All Things To Come"
13 - "A Key To Nothing"
The album will see a November 19th release through Epic.

Brand New Single
Deadsy will be releasing their new single "Brand New Love" to radio next week, the song is the latest single from the bands most recent offering "Commencement" and a video for it shot by their fans will be made available online shortly. Currently Deadsy are on the road with Mindless Self Indulgence, for a complete listing of dates check www.deadsy.com.

Weight Of The Track Listing
Saliva have announced the track listing to their forthcoming new album "Back Into Your System" which will see a release through Island/Def Jam on November 12th, here's how it shapes up:
01 - "Superstar II"
02 - "Weight Of The World"
03 - "Always"
04 - "Back Into Your System"
05 - "All Because Of You"
06 - "Raise Up"
07 - "Separated Self"
08 - "Rest In Pieces"
09 - "Storm"
10 - "Holdin On"
11 - "Pride"
12 - "Famous Monsters"
Currently you can check out a new track from the album weekly leading up to its release on the bands official website, www.salivanet.com.

Crazy Tracks
Crazy Town have set the track listing to their upcoming new album "Darkhorse", it is as follows:
01 - "Decorated"
02 - "Hurt You So Bad" (Feat. Rivers Cuomo of Weezer)
03 - "Drowning"
04 - "Change"
05 - "Candy Coated"
06 - "Waste Of My Time"
07 - "Sorry"
08 - "Battle Cry"
09 - "Take It To The Bridge"
10 - "Skulls And Stars"
11 - "Beautiful"
The effort is slated for a November 12th release through Columbia.

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