October 12th, 2002

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Hear new tracks from TapRoot's "WELCOME"


Next Tuesday (10/15), Velvet Hammer's own TAPROOT releases their long-awaited
follow up to "Gift" entitled..."Welcome."

But you don't have to wait till Tuesday to listen to the record.

Check out this TapRoot e-card to hear music from their newest release,
"WELCOME." Also be sure to enter to win EXCLUSIVE prize packs from the band!

Click here to listen:

Now go out there and spread the word!!!

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Loud Playlist

On this week's show, George talks to New York's Glassjaw about the hardcore scene . Also, ALEXISONFIRE drop by and introduce themselves.

1. Blindside :Pitiful
2. Refused :New Noise
3. Glassjaw :Cosmopolitan Blood Loss
4. Anthrax :Fueled
5. Black Flag :Drinking And Driving
6. Loco:What Is My Name
7. Cheerleader:Go
8. Iron Maiden:Be Quick Or Be Dead
9. Stone Sour:Get Inside
10. Taproot:Poem

* Playlist subject to change
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