October 10th, 2002

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Wes Head on Sale at Ebay.com

Wes will be selling two Mesa Boogie Heads from his old rig on Ebay soon. More

"I'm going to be selling a couple of my guitar heads on Ebay in the next
couple of weeks. The reserve will be low. They are Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifiers
that I used in my LB touring rig. I have a bunch and don't really need the Two
I'm selling anymore. I would rather they get used by someone than sit in
storage. So check it out. They will be under "Wes Borland owned Dual Rectifier".
I think it's kind of cheesy to sell it under my own name, but that's really the
only way to explain the amount of wear and tear, not to mention all the pyro
dust inside them. I also sold someone a head before to a guy who turned around
and sold it as being owned by me, so screw it. Happy bidding if you are
interested. They are great heads."

Check Ebay.com in the up and coming weeks. We will keep you updated on the
status of the sales. Check in with Eat The Day @ Eattheday.com



Five EP's Falling

Thursday have finalized the track listing to their upcoming new EP "Five Stories Falling", it is as follows:
01 - "Autobiography Of A Nation" (Live)
02 - "Understanding In A Car Crash" (Live)
03 - "Standing On The Edge Of Summer" (Live)
04 - "Paris In Flames" (Live)
05 - "Jet Black New Year"
An October 22nd release date through Victory has been slated.


Kush, the long running side project of members of the Deftones and Cypress Hill alongside former Fear Factory members, have now had an mp3 of their track "Unstable" posted online for download here. The bands long awaited new album is expected to see a release sometime next year.

Limp Is More

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has enlisted the guitar talents of both former Helmet frontman Page Hamilton and Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch for the upcoming new Limp Bizkit album "Less Is More", however it is as of yet undecided if their contributions will make the final cut. At present 32 songs have been written and a wealth of the material has already been tracked with a spring release through Flip/Interscope being targeted. For recent thoughts about the album and various other topics from Durst himself click here.


Machine Head recently completed a new 12 song demo, new track titles include:
"All Fall Down"
"Left Unfinished"
"Bite The Bullet"
"Descend The Shades Of Night"
"Pins And Needles"
"The Bandwagon"
In other news, the bands upcoming and as of yet untitled live album which is currently slated for a tentative January 14th release date through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam will now feature not only material captured during their Brixton performance last December but songs recorded during the bands most recent overseas trek as well.

SLIPKNOT's JAMES ROOT: New Album Needs To Be More Experimental

SLIPKNOT guitarist James Root wants the group's next album to follow a more "experimental" and "drum-oriented" direction than that on the band's last effort, 2001's Iowa. Speaking to Cleveland's Music's Bottom Line recently, Root stated that he hasn't heard any of the new material that drummer Joey Jordison has previously described as having "more of a NEUROSIS vibe." "I have no idea what he's talking about, because I haven't written any riffs," the guitarist said. "And nobody that I know of has. Joey is that way, though. When we were in the studio doing Iowa, he was already putting together ideas for the third album. I know [SLIPKNOT percussionist] Shawn Crahan and I have been talking, and my musical taste has changed a lot. Don't get me wrong — I'm still way into the metal, but I've been listening to different things like RADIOHEAD, PORTISHEAD, BJORK, and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. There are so many different things we could be doing. With Iowa, if you ask me, we really passed up a lot of things that we could have done with the two auxiliary drummers. I mean they hardly touched their drums on that album. That is such a huge vehicle that we could use for writing songs. I think it needs to go more experimental and write more drum-oriented songs. Not blast beats and double bass but beat-oriented, tribal stuff…really give us a chance to use our effects pedals."

The Look Of Things To Come


Mudvayne have finished up their new album 'The End Of All Things To Come', the follow up to ground breaking album 'L.D. 50', just shot a video with maverick producer Joel Peissig and are ready to bring their brutal brand of metal back to the masses.

Right now everything is looking up for the band, but there was a time not so long ago when everything didn't look so rosy.

Mudvayne built up a huge following over the two years they were out on the road, reeling people in with their high energy live shows, furious music and crazy image. Even the accusations that they were just another Slipknot didn't slow them down any, but when they pulled out of the Pledge Of Allegiance tour last year saying, "it's fucked," their fans assumed the worst ? that they were either on the brink of splitting up or they were all on drugs.

We caught up with Chad aka Kud aka Chüüd to find out what they've been up to away from prying eyes, "we left the Pledge tour for a lot of things. The tour with the bands was fucking unbelievable, with Slipknot, System Of A Down and Rammstein - we've always had a great relationship with those bands, so it wasn't that. When we said the tour was fucked, people misinterpreted that to mean the bands were fucked. What we actually meant was that the management who ran that tour hadn't given us contracts after two weeks, and that's the sort of thing that protects us as artists. I loved the tour and playing the shows, but you know what? We needed a fucking break. There was nothing internally between our band either but I heard everything from I was on crack to coke to fucking everything. I'd go on our website chatroom and would just read what people would say about us. I'd watch some of these horrendous things people were saying thinking, 'you have no idea I'm sat here reading this shit.' It really disappointed me in some of our fans."

The end of that tour may well have proved for a much needed rest from inside Chad's head as anything else, "one of the hardest things about 'L.D.50' is that those songs were so close to me, I wore my life on my sleeve everyday. That's one of the things that fucked me up the most on the road towards the end of the tour. I would sequester myself to basically my bunk in deep deep depression cos I had to keep dredging up these painful things I'd been through. I needed to get those things out, but unfortunately I had to live with it everyday. That record was so blatant you could literally read my lyrics and know how I grew up, when different problems arose in my life or whatever. I've gotten that stuff out now though so it's pretty cool."

The Mud boys have just finished shooting a video for 'Not Falling', their first single off of 'The End of all things to come', and again their image has had an overhaul, "it went great. The general concept behind the video is pretty futuristic looking, we're doing eye prosthetics now, we always said we were going to upgrade from the make-up. We just did the make-up cos we didn't have cash basically, so now we're using eye prosthetics that you just glue on to your eyes ? it's pretty rad looking. Kind of like alien beings, Borg like. We knew we wanted to do something more, but the most important thing is that on the last record we got lumped into the images that we started with, the ones that were in the record sleeve, and that was never our intention. Our intention has always been as artists, to evolve and change and to be able to be unpredictable. You've got to be very careful when you stamp an image like that into a record cos you really can't get away from it for a long long time."

You may have recently seen a few pictures of Mudvayne without any make-up at all, and even in regular clothing, but apparently that's all part of the plan, "that was just making a statement that we're real people too. I'm really into doing stuff out of make-up, but I believe imagery has its place and I think it adds a lot to a live show especially if you do something different every show ? it makes that a little more intimate and that much more special for the fans.

So what should we expect from the new album, "growth as a group and growth as individuals. On this record we wrote a better record than 'L.D. 50'. Who knows what we're going to get? There's a lot more singing and people might be like, 'ah, fucking sell outs,' but we did exactly what we wanted to do. 'L.D. 50's already been done, so you be damned if you do or damned if you don't try to evolve as an artist, to keep things fresh and new. I think the band came together under the time constraints we had, we focussed and wrote really fucking great songs that I'm excited and proud of. It's a stretch, I would never have thought we could've done something like this in four months. There's nothing around like it right now. Everything's so watered down and everybody's jumping on a wagon. I think the most exciting thing about this record is that we've found ourselves. We've always been different, and there was Slipknot comparisons but that was just imaging which was fine, but I don't think those people listened to the record. I feel like this new record is very original."

So looking back over the last couple of years, what would Chad have done differently? "I'd never have got into the music business. I wish I'd stayed in college."

'The End Of All Things To Come' will be out November 18th on Epic.

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Adema Squad,

Just a heads up...ADEMA'S upcoming EP, "Insomniac's Dream" will be hitting
stores everywhere on October 22nd.

The track listing is as follows:
1. Immortal
2. Shattered
3. Nutshell (Alive In Chains Cover)
4. Freaking Out (Chris Vrenna Remix)
5. The Way You Like It (Sam "Sever" Citrin Remix)
6. Do What You Want To Do (Live)
7. Giving In (Single Version)

The specially priced EP also includes videos for the tracks "The Way You Like
It", "Giving In" and "Immortal."

ADEMA is also gearing up to take over the radio waves with their new single
"Immortal." The song is being featured as the tittle track to the upcoming
Mortal Kombat video game.

Do your thing StreetWise and spread the word about the upcoming release.

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OTEP Infection!!!


You have received the OTEP infection. Do not be alarmed. This will not damage
your computer, only your perspective on life.

To see what the human mind is capable of creating, visit the following link:

Afterwards, feel free to spread your newfound knowledge to a friend.


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we must write these wrongs.

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