September 12th, 2002

Nonpoint Sold out? Static-X getting softer on next record? NEW Mudvayne coming..

NONPOINT Frontman Admits Toning Music Down For Radio's Sake

NONPOINT vocalist Elias Soriano has admitted to that the melodic vocals and musical hooks of the band's third record, Development, were partially influenced by the group's desire to get played on the radio.

"A lot of our fans were expecting something a little bit more on the edgier, heavier side," Soriano explained. "But unfortunately, this is our livelihood and we have to be smart about the way we write music. But we have a Pro Tools rig in the back of the bus, so we've been writing a couple songs and we're gonna put together a five-song EP to satisfy the small group of our fans that need the crazy, heavy music that radio won't play."

"I'm 27 years old, and when we wrote [our 1999 self-released debut, Struggle] I was 21 and I was just starting to listen to metal music," Soriano continued. "My exposure was KORN and RAGE [AGAINST THE MACHINE] — heavy, screaming kind of stuff. But I grew up singing choir and Broadway music onstage, so we wanted to take advantage of my voice this time, and that's why the more melodic stuff came out this time."

On September 10th, NONPOINT released the DVD The Story So Far, which features their video for the Development track "Your Signs", along with "Endure", "What a Day" and "Mindtrip" from their 2000 disc, Statement. The DVD also includes behind-the-scenes clips and concert footage shot in Europe.

Did they sell out?
"the fucking point is to make music that YOU THE ARTIST enjoys. if other people are into it, so be it. that is just luck. once you start making music for the sole purpose of 'appealing' to people who may not like the particular style of your band YOU ARE A FUCKING SELLOUT. period."

STATIC-X Invite PANTERA, STAIND To Guest On Forthcoming

STATIC-X frontman Wayne Static recently revealed plans for the group to enlist some very special guests to appear the band's third full-length album, due next summer.

"I asked Dimebag Darrell of PANTERA to do a lead on the record and asked Aaron from STAIND to sing on a song," Static told Metal Hammer magazine. "Whether all this happens or not, it's all speculation."

Wayne also indicated that the forthcoming CD would be very different from the band's previous outings.

"Since Machine was a lot heavier than our first record, Wisconsin Death Trip, the third record will go the other way," Static joked. "It's gonna be all acoustic love ballads. We kept our integrity last time, so next time we're totally gonna sell out — it'll all be radio hits. We have to keep the radio people happy, too… just like the hardcore metalheads. We have a lot of people to keep happy.

"We're going to take the rest of the year off to write," Wayne added. "It's not easy to write acoustic love ballads, We're gonna have to work really hard to write all those acoustic songs… buy some acoustic guitars."

AWESOME! sissy ballads! *lol*

MUDVAYNE: New Single To Go For Radio Adds In October

The first single off MUDVAYNE's as-yet-untitled sophomore offering, "Not Falling", is scheduled to go to radio in early October, according to an Epic Records spokesperson.

MUDVAYNE's forthcoming album was recently completed at Minnesota's Pachyderm Studios with producer David Bottrill (i.e. TOOL, SILVERCHAIR, PETER GABRIEL) for a November 19th release through Epic Records.

"We had all the time in the world to write our first album, but for the second one, we had about a month," MUDVAYNE drummer Matt "Spag" McDonough told Revolver magazine about songwriting process for the new CD. Although the tight deadline caused a lot of anxiety, "it also caused us to focus. I'm amazed how quickly we came up with the material."

Describing the new songs as "even weirder" than those on MUDVAYNE's gold-selling L.D. 50, McDonough stated that the upcoming effort will contain more variety than has been the case in the past. "[The new album] explores a greater range of sounds, dynamics and emotional content," he said.

"Melody's not so strange for other bands, but it's different for us. It's been a challenge.

"On the first record, we wrote as individuals and explored our own heads. This time, we wanted more of a 'rock band' vibe, though you probably shouldn't take that too literally. It's just that we've spent so much time playing together that it's natural to want to carry that relationship into the writing and recording process. The album is more mature as a result."

Can't FUCKING wait!
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