September 9th, 2002

Wayne Static shaved??? and more.....

STATIC-X Commence Writing Next CD

STATIC-X have commenced the songwriting process for their third album, tentatively due in late 2003.

"We had written 3 new songs on our last break (April 2002) and the vibe was great," revealed guitarist Tripp Eisen via the group's official web site. "It was my first time writing with STATIC-X — very exciting and it resulted in some killer songs. Consequently, out on the road we began working on more material, and collaborated some more. Even [drummer] Ken [Jay] is contributing guitar riffs and keys on this next effort. Both Ken & I have been involved in the lyrics, too. We have honed even more songs in the past month and we've been working out the details of the recording process. We really want to give STATIC-X fans something special this time around. Something that is next in line, a bit of the style of the first 2 CDs plus some new and different stuff that will expand out horizons, a few surprises, plus some strange flash-backs that we're very psyched about! This is just the beginning, so stay tuned for more details in the coming months."

With regards to the upcoming STATIC-X comic book, Tripp stated: "Chaos Comics' STATIC-X #2 will not be coming out in Sept. as scheduled. Mainly because there is no longer a Chaos Comics to put out any comics at all! They filed for bankruptcy and we are all very saddened by this development. It has been so much fun working with Brian Pulido and company, and we are all very proud of the results. This was really a dream come true and something that we did for you the fans & us. We are currently shopping for another comic company to continue with issue #2, so stay tuned. We have also been in talks with a major toy company who will be putting out the first STATIC-X action figures next year to coincide with the new album. Look for the next comic to be released around the same time."

To view photos of STATIC-X taken at the Fangoria convention in Pasadena, California on August 17th, click here.

MACHINE HEAD Push Back Live Album Release Date, Continue Work On New Material

MACHINE HEAD have pushed back the tentative release date of their as-yet-untitled live CD to early 2003.

The album, which was originally set to contain material recorded solely at the band's December 8th, 2001 show at the Brixton Academy in London, England, will now likely include at least one — and possibly as many as three — songs recorded during the group's summer 2002 European festival run, according to informed sources.

Producer Colin Richardson has been enlisted to mix the effort, which will mark the last recorded appearance with the group of former guitarist Ahrue Luster, who has since left to launch an as-yet-unnamed new project with COAL CHAMBER bassist Nadja Peulen.

In other news, MACHINE HEAD are continuing to write and demo material for their fifth studio album, which is not expected to surface until late 2003 at the earliest. About 12 songs have been finished musically, with the band having scrapped three of their earliest attempts, including a track called "Masks".

Among the working titles set to appear on the next MACHINE HEAD CD are the following:

01. Monster
02. All Those Things Left Unsaid
03. Fall In Line
04. Pins and Needles
05. The Bandwagon
06. All Fall Down
07. Bite the Bullet

A rumor that MACHINE HEAD were contemplating covering RAINBOW's "Kill The King" during the upcoming recording sessions (as an ode to SLAYER's Kerry King, apparently) has been denied by parties close to the band, who were said to be "quite amused" by the thought.

SALIVA Set Release Date For Sophomore CD

SALIVA will issue their sophomore album, Back Into Your System, on November 12th. The effort was produced by Bob Marlette, who worked on SALIVA's debut, Every Six Seconds.

The first single from the album is "Always". Back Into Your System also features the track "Rest In Pieces", which was written by MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx.

Sixx recently described the latter cut as "not as heavy as SALIVA usually is, but it's got tons of hooks. It's very catchy, and I know [SALIVA frontman] Josey [Scott] will sing the shit out of it and the band will play the hell out of it."

Scott recently took home an MTV Video Music Award for his work on the Spider-Man song, "Hero", with NICKELBACK's Chad Kroeger. The clip won Best Video From A Film.
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