September 8th, 2002

A Thousand Falling Skies

A Thousand Falling Skies is a hardcore band from Connecticut. I saw them once, and they're the shit; not to mention the guys are really cool.

Here's a newsletter I got from them a few days ago, if you're interested...

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So anyway, go to their site and download their new song "Transparent Heart Syndrome", it's badass. The lyrics for that song, some other songs they haven't recorded yet, and some songs on their EP "From Behind the Shadows" are on their site.

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    A Thousand Falling Skies - Transparent Heart Syndrome

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I'm actually an old member of this community, but I am using a different journal, now, to get away from... well, some people. +Shrug+
Anyhow, I don't think any of those ppl are connected to this community, so if you care, I used to be lasair.

Oh, and sorry if this shows up in multiple posts for some of you- I know we have some communities in common.
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